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Found 21 results

  1. So...the new premium going on sale (at least here in NA) today is...another M4. The M4 "Loza" (named for its commander). 76 mm gun in tier 6. No idea if there's anything special about the armor model, and I cannot be bothered to look. My reaction...YAWN, nothing to see here. Am I missing anything? Oh, the commander comes with SS at 100%. So there's that, I suppose. I'll be skipping this one.
  2. So, I haven't played much in a long time... Still not really playing much, but have logged hours in weeks rather than minutes in years. Here are my musings and questions after a few games. Nothing has really changed. I have no idea what, if any, major mechanic augmentations or map modifications have taken place... But consistent victory and above-average success with pubbies is still achieved through, in order of importance and they are all so close as to basically be tied: 1a) Situational Awareness; this includes from recognizing ideal initial deployment based on map and team composition to realizing you're about to get shot in the ass; 1b) Reactivity and Response; after being AWARE, knowing how and when and where to respond is key; 1c) Mechanic Abuse; this includes understanding vision, spotting, and even the individual strengths of the chosen vehicle. Everything else is really general. Map knowledge and innate skill and practice... Seriously, I was under the impression that the game had undergone some serious and important decisions. Currently I still rock in tanks I like and suit my favorite play-style. I win and rack up damage when calm, focused, and patient while derping out spectacularly when on tilt or just mindlessly chasing a x3 or something. What happened while I was away? What are all of these new tanks? What are the "biggest" and "most important" mechanic tweaks I should know about? Are there a lot more auto-loaders, or is it just me? Any of these new vehicles a good fit for someone like me? Do you not know who I am? Does anyone remember anything? Am I as infamous as Garbad yet? Where are my guys at? I loved my guys and abandoned them, the self-righteous little shits that they were. Seriously, I like mobile platforms with good vision and DPM preferably with the body and health pool to leverage for a late-game carry. I also like to yolo-derp in paper thin rockets for spots while creating chaos and then withdraw to farm pretend penis points from beyond their view. What is good in tournaments and organized competitive play? Clan Wars still a thing? Strongholds still hilarious? Are jimmies still occasionally rustled? Any shitty little clans jumping into water that should be over their head and wrecking some face above their weight? Any big clans basically dominating everything? Have I missed the opportunity to earn any sweet envy-inducing stuff!? And, back to a more potentially helpful note, new maps ain't shit. Same rules apply to all; if it's confined and contested you better have the body to deal, if it's open and bushy you better have the view and speed to utilize, and be prepared to function outside of your vehicles "role" if you want to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat... Or just play fucking mediums already... Maybe mobile heavies... Sometimes a light carries with good early scouting followed by choice mid-game fire support and then some late-game survival for potential heroic-looking mop-up when really it was nothing because the 5 enemies you were left alone to handle are all 1-shot heavies that wouldn't spot you firing in the open from 300m away. Wrapping it up, I guess... Game feels the same as it did over a year-ish ago. Felt like changes while I was playing heavily had more recognizable impact. Is that familiarity and being more tuned in or is it possible that when we become invested and focused on something and hear a change has taken place we look for it seeing it where it may not be? I am surprised by how easily I came back and felt up to par with my "normal" superior play. I still have to try and focus and get into the right "place" to consistently hit that 3k damage mark and win over 60% of the time, as I always did... But I guess I was expecting a more arduous period of adjustment? Arty is still horrible, but after tens of thousands of games of rocking and rolling and choosing cover wisely, doesn't suck any more than it did before. Arty still sucks, though.
  3. So I log in to wotlabs check my stats and my recent WN8 is 0. Did something happen over night? Did servers get fried? Or with this patch is everyone starting over?
  4. This is the most ridiculous commentary / analysis / mechanics breakdown / glitch exploitation / parallel universe gameplay and commentary that I've ever seen in my whole entire life. I'm really at a loss for words on how insane this guy is in his dedication to Super Mario 64. This is some psychic-type stuff. There is absolutely no way anyone could have predicted that this would come out of a revolutionary (for its time) 3D platforming game. The video is 25 minutes, but I swear it's worth the watch, just to observe this unbelievable dude discuss some unbelievable shit in a 20-year old Nintendo 64 game.
  5. Guys, what has changed in WoT between november 2014 and nov 2015? I didn't play WoT in this period. Now my recent stats are lower than my average. I was able to 67% wr solo on T67. Now T67 doesn't work for me at all. DPG on my T-34-85 that worked like a charm dropped by 1/3 My recent WN8 dropped from 2.8k to 2.1k Drops concern all my tanks My only premium is IS-6, tank that I don't really love. Previously I was able to reach 2.2k-2.5k WN8 on IS-6. Now the expected DPG for 2.5k WN8 is like 2.7k, which seems absurd to me, I'll never manage to sustain it. Everyone pens my IS-6 roof like the overmatching rule was the first thing in WoT's tutorial. They also suicide to finish me. I'm sure that it's impossible that my skill dropped that much just because of not playing for a year. I had breaks like this before and I was able to get back to competent play in a week. Something has drastically changed in the meta game, average competence level, WN8 or game economy. Something that hit players like me straight in the nutsack. I'm - cheap : I don't use food, I don't spam prem too much, I'm always lacking credits - focused on T5 and T6 rather than on T8 - playing solo - preferring vision games and finding advantages in confrontations rather than brawling - I prefer speed over armor - more competent strategically (OODA in minutes) than tactically (OODA in seconds) - not very young, I'm 34, I smoke too much and I don't have enough sleep -- Previously I was almost always winning situations that depend on reaction time, now I lose them more often than not - my PC isn't super fast - I tend to stick to positions and tactics http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/nabzdycz/504293135/ I was always thinking that I'm good in WoT. Not great, there were always plenty of better players around, but I was still standing out from the average crowd. Now it seems that I have to admit that I'm average. I'd like to know the reason.
  6. SO I played some good matches then I logged out and went on the website and saw this.. Insane Recent WN8 & WR ratings? lol So what's the cause? I mean just because of some good matches recent WN8 shouldn't go up this insane.. I will post 2 of the matches links: 1- http://wotreplays.eu/site/2243583#redshire-hei_bk201-sta-1 2- http://wotreplays.eu/site/2243697#fisherman_s_bay-hei_bk201-amx_13_90
  7. So recently, I have been having a pretty major issue with some games. I will load them up, then my screen will turn all of the pixels off, flash the VGA input setting with black lighting, back to DVI, and then just turn off (monitor is still on, but no input). I was having this problem with Just Cause 2 (which runs on avalanche engine 2.0), and the only way I found to fix it was to delete my settings in documents. The game itself is still running and I am getting audio, just no display. But now I just bought the Civ 5 complete edition, and I get this error if I try and run the DX 10/11 version of the game. It loads just fine using DX9, but I have no options for turning on AA (makes 1080p seem less shit). I tried looking on google for stuff, but I haven't seen anything that seems remotely close to this. Since it's now happening on two games it makes me think it is a GPU error of some kind. However, I have played many other DX11 games perfectly fine on this, just Deus Ex, Dragon Age, Ori and the Blind Forest and TW:3. Thoughts/clues/guides/anything? Really sucks to have spent $50 on something that I can't play to the limits of my hardware.
  8. Time to apply to all the best clams. Best Player NA. Much skill. (Yes, I know. I am a Weeaboo.I take pride in it.)
  9. Apparently I'm cool enough for this now \/ Here I shall put my replays, when I remember to. Please also use this thread as a Q and A if you've ever wanted to ask me things like why apple pie is the best, how to get all the girls as a 4000lb marine mammal, or maybe even tanks related stuff once in a while. FAQ: Why are you so bad at tanks? Because keyboards are not designed with flippers in mind. How do you play tanks with flippers? Badly Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Leanna Decker <3 What is the best medium? Object 140 What is the best tank in the game? Leopard 1 How do I IS-7? Hulldown, sidescrape, shoot enough APCR to flood yurop with tears, and hug people with your face. Here's some 9.6 replays, I was at 98% MoE after this. Games shown are with the above setup, although I changed to more APCR a few games in. http://www.mediafire.com/download/uft2h69th98a8tt/IS-7_5_games.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/rc3hdpx13952ytl/IS-7_6_games.zip
  10. This poor Grant was stuck in this bug for the last half of the match lmao. WG fix yo game RIP
  11. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/developer-diaries-modern-vehicles/ Interesting that WG has decided to introduce modern tanks to WoT. Maybe it is an attempt to counter the AW develpment? I dont know what to think about it myself. It will be hard to balance because of the modern penetration values and extremely thick armour when considering that any tier <X vehicle will not have 'modern' shells but mainly kinetic or HEAT rounds. Here are some screenshots: April's fool :3.
  12. So while check some stats of mine I happened to notice the M3Lee that I half grinded/free xp'd through had a total of 14 games and a 93% w/r ......... so technically, if I bought it back and played it up to 30 games I could (hypothetically) claim the top spot on the noobmeter http://www.noobmeter.com/tank/na/M3_Grant kind of torn on what to do so vote, tell me to fuk off, or offer your advise I passionately await your response(s?) -Armor
  13. Sherman with prototype AMX 1375 turret and 75mm SA gun. I want one in my garage! While we're on the subject... That gun is a 155mm...........autoloader. One more Chaffee turret on an amx13 hull. Combining the worst bits of each tank...genius.
  14. So this article just appeared on FTR. Even if you usually don't read SilentStalker's blog I would recommend to take a look at this. TL;DR of the article: Player posts screenie of War Pack on reddit, gets reported to EU support. EUS copy pastas the usual mod message about your conscience, player complains ("so War Pack = legal?") and support responds by caiming that if the mod really is game breaking the automated in game report system will take care of it (How could you even possibly notice someone running hax?). I really hope that Minsk will respond to this. However this isn't news as others already earlier and EU has had this mod policy for a while now. However now that SS advertised the existence of mad haxx to the average pubbie and diluted doubts about their legality I would still like to know if there is anything I can do against this myself. Obviously reporting is dodgy as you often can't tell if the enemy simply outplayed you got lucky or hacked (and to be honest I simply don't want to add to the list of Unica that get banned because tomatoes cry haxx!!!). Installing fishy mods is also out of question for me due to e-honoUre (you have to be a shitter indeed to cheat at an equal chances PvP game. If you cheat is there really an achievement left in getting good?). But assuming you don't want to create false-positive haccusations or become what you hate is there anything you can do besides gritting your teeth? Are there any reliable sources when it comes to finding information about the advantages haxxers can get so that you could learn how to defend against that if at all possible? (I am referring to good forum posts about this or something similiar)
  15. Hello! I am _pip_ a part of the Dickens Empire . In this thread I will post some of the more interesting replays from my adventures in pubbie land. It will be from both NA, and EU servers as I have friends who lend me accounts on both servers. Will start off with a replay from Sand River in the E25: Link for download Chaffee Mastery on NA: Download link Cromwell Radley: Download link E25 4k damage: Download replay SU122-44 Mastery: AMX12t Mastery: Replay T29 Mastery: Replay Another Chaffee Mastery: Replay T37 mastery first game: Replay T37 Mastery again: Replay T37 3.5k damage: Replay
  16. Why the hell doesnt this tank have its own fan page?!?!?! probably because slow as shit... but I digress! Seriously, this tank in the right situations is just amazing. Even drunk as I am right now, I can do dis Back to back battles, lelelelelel This tank SHITS out credits. Like, a LOT of credits. Best return on value! The first battle here gave me my 2nd mark of excellence too! GET THIS TONK!!!!
  17. So, Im developing a replacement for http://uc.iupui.edu/community/Home.aspx Its clearly out of date, and Im new to using DNN and specifically, Bootstrap Short Codes. The problem Im having is within the DNN HTML modules. They should support HTML5+Bootstrap. However, this isnt the case in most situations. Animations, fine. Accordions, kinda. Carousels, forget about it. If someone has experience using DNN Id like a bit of help on how to use those short codes.
  18. So, I know this isnt a metric which we use anymore, but my WN7 is simply stuck and staying right around 1500. Why? Cause, Im either bad at killing tanks or bad at kill stealing. Even while I was over 2400 WN8 for a brief time (RIP starting new tank lines, right?!) my kills per battle have consistently been right around 1.2. Get the damage? Sure, can do. But stealing getting those kills? Newp Tanks Im playing/grinding right now most of the time AT2 (8 battles, 16 kills, such PEW PEW PEW) Panther 2 (113 battles, 104 kills, 59% WR, 1408 DPG) BatChat (240 battles, 345 kills, 55% WR, 2438 DPG) M46 Patton (108 battles, 150 kills, 58% WR, 2246 DPG) E75 (120 battles, 104 kills, 54% WR 1886 DPG... OMFG SUCH BAD) (.94+2+1.44+1.39+.87)/5 = 1.32 kills Im also playing some scouts and premiums, but the ratios are a bit lower still bringing me down to 1.2 kills per battle. So... what do I need to potentially consider in order to get my kills up? I dont feel like Im in the habit of trying to get more damage instead of taking a gun out. Do I need to check my positioning and find ways to improve it? Just very unsure about where to start with this lil thang.
  19. I know a lot of weird shit happens in WoT that WG wants to just sweep under the rug but I was wondering if someone could explain what happens in the video linked: http://www.twitch.tv/proxus571/b/495590008 I know someone suggested use Server Reticle but with ~30's MS and no packet loss wtf? I did not have server ret enabled for game itself so I don't think the replay has the data to display it. Same thing happens a few seconds later as seen here: http://www.twitch.tv/proxus571/b/495592137 This one seems more likely to be caused because of shots hitting you throwing off your aim a bit but even then it's way off... Here is the replay if anyone cares to confirm: http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1000773833.19058180031470818 Also any tips for how to be less derp in the Tiger would also be appreciated, was only my 2nd game in it, i feel i could be doing a lot better. Thanks.
  20. Randomly stumbled upon this guy in a random t6 game. Just look at the battlecounts: For the lazy ones: His WN8 is 3,162, and he played 51 375 matches overall, 23k out of which were at tier 10, 18k at t9, and 7k at t8. So many questions in my head: 1. How the fuck do you find that much free time? That's about 50 games every single day since he created his account. 2. How the fuck do you stay focused enough to keep superunicum levels of performance almost exclusively at t9-10 while playing that much? 3. How did he do all that without drawing attention to himself? The guy is hardly googlable. I hope this is the correct place to post stuff like this.
  21. source: FTR I can't be the only one who isn't impressed. This particular incarnation of the ubiquitous U-8TS has me shaking my head... the DPM is pretty bad, while 2.3 seconds aimtime and 0.35 accuracy aren't exactly impressive at that tier. 120 millimeters of frontal armor at the the slope is nice and all but it isn't going to be bouncing much of anything in tier 10 games, except to troll a few low tiers. Mobility looks on par (at least until MagicTraxx™ and other such soft stats are known) with the other two mediums, so there's that, I guess. Opinions? This doesn't look very enticing compared to the Japanese tier 10 medium imo.. although I do have more good russki crews, so I might pick one up anyway.
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