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Found 1 result

  1. INB4 SUPER SEXY TANK REPLAYS So I'm Yung Lean, all of you should pretty much know who I am by now (or just use google) and with my new user group I decided to actually post some replays. My user group doesn't allow me into PP Replays WW-EDIT: Now you can First of all, some things about me: TRIPLE MARKS: T6: Type 64, Rudy (Working on Brommy) T7: None so far, pretty boring tier for me T8: CDC, 110, Pershing, Super Pershing, T32, T-54 ltw, IS-3, IS-6 T9: E 50, M46 Patton, T-54 (working on WT auf PzIV) T10: AMX 50B, Batchat 25t, E 50M, M48 Patton, T110E5, FV4202, T-62A (Working on FV215b, 94,89 and artied fucking stinks) replay packs: (Can't use whatever shit the other guys use because I play on a Mac so you'll have to take my word for DPG) AMX 50B: 9 games, 4150 DPG Finally started to get the hang of this tank after 20 games being complete shit. Tank is fucking OP when stuff don't yolo like, like they usually do ;_; There's a game there on Siegfried Line and how to play it from the south, which seems to a map people have problems with that I've been doing great in recently M48 Patton: 38 games 3,5k DPG I have played 40 games in this tank, but first game was with stock gun and second + third games were crashes in which I died before I could log in again, so ruling those out. Throwing in the stock gun game for fun though haha (first game, Erlenberg with 3k dmg lol) Will throw in an a Leo 1 game as well on Overlord because it was A) A nice carry and B) the way to play Overlord when you don't have armour IMO http://wotreplays.com/site/1982078#overlord-yung_lean-leopard_1
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