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Found 2 results

  1. So in the interest in finding some less dead timezones to play in, I am joining the yuro's. Playing ~1pm to 3pm GMT on weekdays, then ~4am to 5pm GMT on weekends. Currently at T2 3 4, so pls be ok with low tier shit till I get gud stuffs. Going for E-50M (mostly for the E-50, going for higher than 3.7k dpg on the server). Acc is here (will update after the battles I play get registered and stuffs). Siemka! edit: i got a panth 88 for crew training/credits, so I can also do that whenever.
  2. So I've been playing the 13 90 some recently since the announcement we would be getting an AMX30. One thing I noticed over the course of discussions was the common theme that you have to shoot gold in the 13 90 or it is just crap. At first I used about half and half but I was pretty terrible and often needed gold to deal with shooting things. So, for a while I spammed all gold in the 13 90, and yes, it was extremely expensive (especially because I was bad at it). Since starting playing it again I have dropped down to carrying half and half again. Since then I dropped down to only carrying two clips of APCR. I rarely fire the APCR clip and normally when I do it is because I don't have a full AP clip left. The challenge will be to drop my last two clips of APCR and only carry standard rounds and still play well while I gather xp for the AMX30 and Lorr. Rules: No Gold Rounds No Food No less than 50% of the games platooned Goals: 65% Winrate Total (62% Winrate Solo) 700 base xp (1050 xp after prem bonus) per game Initial Conditions: Expected Problems: With only 170 mm of pen there are many things I cannot engage from the front though this is expected. There are many things, especially high tier German or Russian things that I cannot deal with from the side or may only be able to deal with directly on the side. There are a few things that even directly behind I will have some issues with like the E100. Even under optimal normal conditions (like where I cannot shoot into a roof from very high above) I will be unable to deal with Mauses. Mauses will fall under do not engage or pray I have cancer that wants to shoot it. Length: I don't know how long I'll keep going with this. I have about 300k more xp to grind out though I certainly wont do that all in one sitting. If, I enjoy the 13 90 after then I may continue. Mods Used: Sela Aim 30x Zoom Wish me luck!
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