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No t20 love?

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finally aced it with a hard tier 7 carry on Ensk..

long story short: i went west with my platoon mate @zbran, then we saw the eastern flank collapse, went there to help, cleared the flank, at some point zbran died and i was alone with some 45%ers and kicked the enemy butts so hard i ran out of ap (i only carry 15 btw :serb:)





here's the current loadout i'm using

(note the potato crew but don't worry, tomorrow i'll get a dank T26E4 to train this and the M46 crew)


I will be honest, the first time i got this i hated it so much, slow reload and derpy gun... after some time i decided to give it another go, and hell, it's a really good tank!!!!

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I decided to de-stress a little and take mah baby out for a spin.. and yeah..granted.. the match making couldn't get much better for this one...

Words cannot describe just how much I like this tank, really....3.5k, 10kills:awyeah:


Did MT14 for the Obj solo. almost regret not platooning up last minute to get the secondary but secondary isn't that great anyhow.. so.. I'll take it. 

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well, it happened..

2 markerinos (i might work on getting the third one soon)




and here's my current setup (switched from vents to optics thanks to @Daezara)


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changed last pic
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8 minutes ago, no_name_cro said:

@WhatTheSkara 3 marks should be pretty easy to obtain, especially with that APCR spam.

fuck AP, really..

especially when out of 20 games, only 3 were tier 7 matches...

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9 hours ago, no_name_cro said:

Yeah, tier (insert random number here) can be so annoying when MM decides to fuck you.

ftfy :serb: 


on topic: T20 is love, T20 is life :disco:

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I got 3 marks before I unlocked the pershing, and I have almost a 4k average wn8 in it. I only have about 10 APCR rounds, the rest AP, all standard consumables, and rarely platooned. I managed to get over 1600 average dpg with 1.77 spots and a 74% winrate over 178 games.

This tank is just amazingly good, and I find it far better than the pershing. Even stock this thing is a direct upgrade to the T21, which is pathetic when you think about it, poor T21.


Oh and my favorite game would have to be:
When I had the 76mm, I got into a tier 9 game. I was kinda bummed out, thinking "well guess I'm counter scout this game". Halfway thru the game I get bored and yolo this VK45.02B that my team hadn't penned once the entire game. I drove up past him right after he fired, and then parked on his rear and kept shooting him in the butt. His allies got a bit pissed and tried to kill me, but as soon as they popped out my allies happily shot at something they could pen finally :P

After that I spent the next minute just nibbling on the VK45.02B's rear, since he couldn't shake me off, and he couldn't turn around to shoot me as my allies would kill him the instant his front isn't pointed towards them. I managed to do almost the entirety of the VK's health that game, and walked away with an ace tanker and a VERY salty VK driver messaging me afterwards. 10/10 would yolo again.

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If I had to spend a week only playing one tank, it would be this one.  I think this tank has made me a better player too - no armor, slowish reload mean I have to think before every play.


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On 6-6-2014 at 7:17 PM, LanterneRouge said:

Anyone else love it?

The last time I had it, was many many patches ago. And I know that back than I did not like it even remotely. I had 2 reasons to dislike it.
- you have a lower rate of fire than the M6, a lower tier tank, with the same gun
- I just played the easy8, I still play that tank. The T20 does not go a lot faster, and you lose a lot of DPM. 

Losing DPM while going a tier up, kinda killed it for me back than. I also did not like it's mobility at the time.

Looking at the stats today I dont think I will like it. What scares me the most is it's poor accuracy. However I do like to drive my T-34-1 so I think today that I can work with the T20's accuracy and dispersion but I know it won't be great.

T20 still has the lowest DPM of I think every last tier 7 vehicle in the game. The T-34-1's poor DPM already works on my nerfes sometimes. But it is nice to have such relative high alpha damage.

I understand that the mobily is.. just good/OK, the damage is good, the penetration is.. well you can see clearly it is a T7 med,,,, rate of fire is crap and the accuracy/aim time is mediocre at best. 

I not think I will rebuy it, besides I am having too much fun in my T25 AT atm :tanfiesta:

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Grinded the last 1% for 3rd MoE in 4 games;


Went full tryhard with full apcr + cola to squeeze out that little bit extra. Sticked with the majority of the team, never did stupid shit... Just play it safe.

4 wins, 2.3k dpg and 0.6k adpg, at the cost of only 75k credits a game. Now I can go back to pleb mode and just shit around.

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On 7.03.2016 at 4:03 PM, Felicius said:

43 battles are way too low to get any kind of statistics out of it...had 85% WR solopub on many tanks when under 50 battles...which eventually ended as 65-70%. Come back with 100+battles.

That accuracy is pretty bad for a tank that is a dedicated sniper, since it is too slow (low acc, bleeds speed cornering...). Ridge surfing is also a big exposure, since to pop up, aim fully (or you will hit the dirt beyond 100 m), take a shot and retreat you need 4-5 seconds...and it is simply too much to avoid being shot back. If you snipe while not spotted, i found Comet alpha to be better, since i could put 2 shots in the target before it could pull back in safety. 0.34 vs 0.38 means that you have a much better chance of hitting the enemy, 40 mm of APCR penetration is not worth it for me. And trying to trade in a tier 7 medium is a bad tactic anyway...while ass raping is more viable than ever...and new Jap heavies are perfect fore sidehug.

Mami_Momoe basically said it right, but he was rude in stating it, and too harsh IMHO, since other tier 7 mediums are also pile of junk (Comet and A-44 have some redeeming qualities, but both are significantly worse than both the preceding tanks, and the ones that follow, while T-43 might be the same as T20 and Comet-never played, cant confirm), this one is just obsolete since corridor meta.

Easy 8 is better than this one. DPM is useful when fighting hordes of reds. Dispersion is much better tier wise, and it gets Vstab at tier 6. 

Some ppl before mentioned that great APCR round is making T20 still relevant. Well, tank with good hard stats vs bad soft stats were always the dilemma, and each case is different.

Maybe it is just that tier 6 mm is better, since you can club seals easier...

P.S.tier 7 CDC is a good comparison...and CDC is a joke of a tank...one medium i fear the least (except Panthers), and load HE to blast him to pieces on every gun bigger that 75 mm.

I can't play the CDC yet I have amazing results with the t20. It doesn't get raped by heat and it has view range advantage on a trier where a ton of tanks are blind as fuck which means you can often wait and aim. I played mine without 6th and If only i didn't get too agressive. I'd probably stay with 61%Wr I had after 70 games. Still I love the tank. It may anger some people but I like it more than any other trier8 med bar the obj416

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I have to be honest. When I decided to go down the American medium line I read about this tank and how much praise it received. Then when I got to it and started playing I really didn't have a good opinion of it. Just felt like somewhat of a clumsy tank with a long reload and trollish gun handling. I sold it as soon as I unlocked the Pershing. However, a couple days ago I bought it back due to the M48 Patton on track. I've been playing almost exclusively the last couple days and I must say that my opinion of it has rapidly changed. It has become a favorite tank for me. I'm also using it to grind out another medium crew.

Just like with every other tank in the game, you have to make an effort and time to understand the tank you are playing. Each has its characteristics which make up its strengths and weaknesses. After feeling this tank out, it really begins to shine and I now completely understand why so many good players have an affinity towards it. As for the gun handling, you really have to make sure the gun is aimed fully as much as possible. It's not like some other guns that you can just keep snap-shotting left and right. You have to take the time to fully aim in and then the gun works beautifully.

Last night I was also able to get a 75% winrate in 50 games in this beauty and also got a second MOE:)

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This tank has overall treated me well but I had a streak tonite that really highlighted it's weaknesses. It's actually pretty similar to the t-34-1 even though they do have significant differences. They both are a little feast or famine because of the reload and bad gun handling but to me the -1 let's you take the time to aim a bit more often on most maps because of its god mode turret. I know all you gun depression cats don't like it as much but it feels just a bit more reliable to me.

Moral of the story is t7 meds are awful and this is one of the very few that are bearable, and actually quite enjoyable when it's not trolling you.

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T20 is waifu :3 After some rage-inducing battles in heavies I turned to my T20 tonight and this happened:


Sadly I switched to APCR at the start expecting to take early shots at heavies, and forgot to switch back till much later, but hey :D

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Just got my first 3 MOEs ever and for one I didn't think it would be on this tank but it has really gelled with me. My setup was rammer, vert stab, optics. Small repair kit, small med kit, AFE. No food.

Loadout 50/50 on AP and APCR.

I really didn't do much spotting damage or assisted damage, just a bunch of damage dealt by myself.


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This is the first tank on which I've ever gotten my 2nd MOE.  I spammed sprem like a sailor on shore leave the last few games, because goddammit I was not going to bounce.  I'd gotten close a couple of times, then had a bad game which knocked me back, but I stuck with it and feel pretty good about how much I've improved in this thing.  I'm not up to most of the posters by any means, but given how badly I sucked in this thing (my first 200 battles in this should be wiped from the planet forever) originally, I am damned happy with the progress I've made.  I am going to take a break before trying for my 3rd MOE, for now I'm just going to be happy with breaking this barrier for the first time:



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4 hours ago, Prosqtor said:

The huge pen increase with T20 prem is so, so seductive.

Shell velocity also increases from glacial to just fine.

In reply to OT:

No t20 love?

After playing Leo: T20 is love, T20 is life. 

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T20 is love and unfortunatelly You have to pay for it a lot ;).

Earn money in tier IX game (>3k dmg, 1.8k asisted): http://wotreplays.com/site/2938329#fiery_salient-machiav-t20

2'nd MoE: http://wotreplays.com/site/2916872

3'd MoE: http://wotreplays.com/site/3294207#murovanka-machiav-t20



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After approximately 540 battles (seriously), I finally aced this thing:



Pretty much no spotting whatsoever, tier 9 battle, as you can tell from the credits...I pretty much spammed the APCR.  T49 and I pulled off the carry in the end.  I think it was 2 on 4 (they had a CDC, VK45.02A , Tiger II, and an AT 7), but the t49 really did a great job of being a teammate in the endgame.

I doubt I'm capable of three-marking the t20, but I love playing it so much that I just might try.

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Enjoying this grind so much. Tank seems greater than the sum of it's parts. Don't even mind the low DPM. Keeps my chronic yoloing in check.

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