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No t20 love?

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On 5/9/2017 at 9:33 PM, Tanager said:

I doubt I'm capable of three-marking the t20, but I love playing it so much that I just might try.

And whaddya know, I was wrong:



This is my first-ever 3rd MoE.  What a fabulous total package this is.  Definitely can rack up the spotting damage, I've gotten my VR to 485 in this, which is pretty insane for a tier 7 medium.

I went into full-on try-hard mode, but I still swung back and forth between about 93.5% and 94.5% for a bunch of games, hoping I wouldn't take it so far that that one magical game wouldn't be enough, but things came through for me in the end...

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And my best-ever ranking on NA:


It won't last, but I'll enjoy it for now.  What I especially like about this is that, when I first started playing, I read about the T20's mythic reputation and, of course, thought, if I had one of those, I'd be great!  I wasn't of course - when I first got my T20, I flat out sucked - I was lucky to get a single pen per game.  And that persisted for easily the first couple hundred games.  Then I stopped playing it, b/c I was like, wow, this tank sucks (typical lack of instrospection - it wasn't the tank, hint, hint).  But then I came here and realized the truth and made it a mission to learn this tank and get decent in it.  It's not like I'm great in it or anything, but I think I can say that I can contribute to my team positively in this tank in pretty much every battle, which is something on which I'm willing to hang my hat.

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So, the T20 in May 2019...

Still a good tank at tier 7. It has great (if no longer that special after the introduction of the Leo and the Italian line) alpha for a medium in this tier, with quite good penetration (especially gold ammo), excellent mobility and flexibility with gun depression. Has a relatively small profile so can do sort-of-scouting roles when absolutely required.

On the downside, the gun handling isn't great, although still nowhere near as rage-inducing compared to say the Swedish Leo, and the rate of fire is as expected a bit on the slow side. Armour is also pretty much non-existent and you will get penned by most things.

Overall though the package is nicely balanced, and the tank is probably one of the best mediums in the tier, and even when bottom tier the gun and mobility means that you're never going to be completely useless. 70 games to finish the grind, 57% win rate, 1,256 DPG - right on par with my T-43, only a little less than the P43 ter and way better than my Leo.

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Haven't played mine in ages.

Right now it's in my garage, without equipment, with the potato crew I marked it with.

At some point will push for 100% on marks.

It was a very comfortable tank to play, definitely not a credit maker, will be interesting to see how it fares with all the new impenetrable tier 9s.

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I used it for some missions a couple of months ago. It's still a very comfortable ride, by far my favorite in the tier 7 medium category. 

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This tank is fantastic it also holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first 3 mark.

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