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IS-7 Exculpation Thread

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5 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

I vehemently disagree. 277 is a better tank as it has better DPM, better mobility and the armour loss doesn't matter when you are infinitely more flexible and can almost play like a medium. 


It also doesn't suffer from shit gold pen. 

imo playing like a medium in the current tier 10 climate is even more cancer than playing like a normal triple r(etard) heavy. besides, the IS-7 already has enough mobility and comfort to flex. the armour advantage that the IS-7 has isn't just for facetanking gold (which the 277 can also do pretty well thanks to angles + turret), but for mitigating otherwise unavoidable HE damage from arta focus and 4005s. the ability of the IS-7 to not get fucked for 500-700 damage HE shots and the slightly more generous HP pool makes it much easier to play and also play aggressively (which in turn helps mitigate the poor gold pen).

I might and probably would take the 277 over the IS-7 if I were fighting mainly meds and 'normal' tenks, but atm I wouldn't go into tier 10 without the insurance I won't be double/triple tapped by 183s, which is not something the 277 can offer. Then again I suck in the 277 - worse stats than on the M4 54 :feelsbad: so ymmv

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1 hour ago, lavawing said:

actually doesn't make much difference except at sniping range

It's the difference between punching holes into the E100 turret front and having to reposition because you just can't do anything about that brick staring at you.

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