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9.1 on EU server?

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Love the new sounds, especially when you are in sniper mode.

New map is pretty decent too, but have not played it enough yet.

Nerf to TD Camo doesn't really matter as long as you move 15m behind a bush or double bush.


That's all I can say for now.

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Do the new komarin/arctic region layouts make them really brawly?

From the time I spent on the rest server, they're a bit more open to maneuver for mediums and good brawling spots for heavies 

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Arctic region is a bit more brawly from the north, The gulley under the south teams TD camping ledge can be driven into and it wraps right around the east of the camping ledge. It has several tributaries that extend into the south base from which you can shoot hull down at the back of their eastern valley pushers, get spots on their arty, and get shots at the back of any TD's trying to defend the west flank. It is much easier to attack the southern base now.


The north teams ease of access to the southern base through the middle means that it is more important for the southern team to actually hold middle, so we may see more of the map being contested. The two games I played on it, one from each end, both resulted in the north team pushing the middle, so I don't know how the changes to the north of the map effect anything, as all the important fighting I've seen occurred around the southern teams base.


The games I played tended to be more dynamic than previously, which means that if your team doesn't contest the map adequately then it will crumble fast. Mobile tanks have more options to break stalemates too, which is good.

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I don't like the sounds but I'll get used to them I'm sure.


Map improvements seem good, haven't played Kharkov yet but I don't think it's going to be very good for mediums.


There is that bug where the wrecks are shown in a wrong place. I see this bug fairly often and it's annoying as hell.

At one point I was shooting an enemy but there was an invisible wreck between us so my shells kept hitting it instead.


I also tested the new historical battle (good for mod testing), matildas are so op when you're in your PzIII. If enemy has only matildas it's an insta loss.  :O

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I didn't think they were going to add the new sounds this patch.

I believe they added the turret muffling effects and the new sound travel distances, but didnt change the sounds that are played. 

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