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A Wild [BULBA]saur Sighting - BULBA Recruitment Station

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Fucking CrabEarRoFF seems like a complete asshole. I wish he didn't spell his name like mine. 


Enjoy your gold Crab

See, even Mawdy got us confused. 

I've never had any issues with CraBeatOff.  He's a nice guy.  CraBearOff is a fucking cunt.

Thanks Dlur!

I was platooned with CraBearOff the other day. He TK'd a T71 with HE and set him on fire, TK'd a T54E1 with a T49 HE round then suicided. What a douche.

CraBeatOff is awesome, though...

I was also in that platoon with CarBeerOuf, his HE penned a T71 who said "I'm not gonna try" with a M46 HE round, and it burned him for 100% It was pretty awesome display of skilled TKing. I saw him rek the other team in his M46 right afterwards. 

Whoever this CraBearOff guy is he needs to get kicked. He's making pubbies lose respect for us which is so important in an online tank game. For a guy with such a close name to CraBeatOff I'd expect better out of him.

Yea, he's really hashing my buzz. Without our pubbie rep and influence how will BULBA succeed in CW3.0, where you grind for hours a day to obtain PubbieFeels as a currency, that lets you then run Strongholds, so you can get Global Influence currency, so that you can then build a chipstack and sit on a territory which gives you 25 gold/day. 


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Looking for a high tier Silver League Team/Gold League team friends! I understand the current season is coming to an end but I'm looking to join one and become comfortable with the team by the beginning of the next season. If you're interested just PM me. :B

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