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8 hours ago, _Assad said:

Dia what am i gonna do with 46000 gold convert it to credits like Bill? :serb:


And then get ripped apart for photoshopping that you have none   

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4 hours ago, _Dia said:

And then get ripped apart for photoshopping that you have none   

Such savagery 


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The comments to this are fucking gold.





Posted May 16, 2016 by Durka Durka Mohammed in Celeb Jihad, Emma Watson, Nude Celebs

This selfie photo of what appears to be Emma Watson nude in the shower has just been leaked online.

Of course it comes as no surprise to us pious Muslims that a brazen whore like Emma Watson would photograph her shameful nude body while she is showering off all the man juice from a night out on the town like this. For not only did Emma spend her formative years promoting witchcraft in the blasphemous Harry Potter movie franchise, but she has now taken up the Satanic cause of promoting absurd feminist ideals.

Western feminists like Emma Watson may think it is “empowering” for them to take nude photos flaunting their sinful feminine bodies, but us righteous Muslims find them enraging and one day soon (very soon in England’s case) we will prosecute these wanton Jezebels to the fullest extent of Sharia law. Although in Emma’s case she at least had the decency to have itty bitty titties and her hair slicked back in the shower to take 12 years off of her appearance, so that she appears passable as a girl of an halal age.


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Found that site years ago through /r9k/. I remember nearly bursting a lung laughing at the postings on there, nearly got kicked out of class because of it.

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3 minutes ago, RadDadsWillMakeAnimeReal said:


fucking shit meme

0/10 chenholes

:youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat:  :youlikethat: 

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