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1 hour ago, _Assad said:

Type 59 vs Skorpion in the hands of a good player. Skorp wins for sheer Alpha, Dpm, Speed, Penetration, etc if for nothing else.


I 100% agree for good players. It's not even hard to maintain 70%+ solo in the skorp.

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1 hour ago, sr360 said:

Keep in mind the Skorp vs Type 59 is an unfair comparison: the Type is prefMM, and the Skorp isn't. Given that they have different MMs, they can't be compared head-to-head.

I was mainly referring to what you'd get out of it compared to the type. The type in its prime during pref 8 was fucking broken as shit, but I still think the Skorpion is better for the sheer fact that having that gun means it's able to push out so much more damage than a type. And while it does falter when it's alone or facing multiple tanks close up; I think Type 59 best performance < Skorp best performance hands down. I cant compare the credit making yet because there isn't enough data to compare yet, but the amount of DPG the thing can put out means at least in my opinion that it has more ability to win than the the type ever could. Mainly down to the guns and the fact that the Skorpion is a premium that doesn't sacrifice a whole lot to have the perks it has. They made a tank that has better DPM, alpha, penetration, speed, and accuracy than the type all for making it be huge and have no armor. That didnt stop the grille in hands of good players and it certainly wont stop the Skorpion either. 

But i do see where you're coming from friendo

Dunno someone should probably make a topic for it.

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On 03/09/2016 at 4:44 PM, Zepherex said:

So i got myself a grille 15 to compliment my scorp G. Mother of fucking broken, this thing just rolls around shitting on everything.

I'll make sure I don't play when you do then :^)

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