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A Wild [BULBA]saur Sighting - BULBA Recruitment Station

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3 hours ago, _Assad said:

So far i got

Gundam IBO 

Gundam Mobile

Code Geass

Your Lie in April

Psycho Pass 


Great Teacher Onizuka

Guilty Crown 

Gundam BF

Gurren Lagaan


And a few more off my watch list.

Am i an otaku weeb now?

Until you start shoehorning japanese honorifics into everything you say, no.

Also this is so fucking good :sealofapproval:


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1 hour ago, Aquavolt said:

lf lost carbonward if anybody has spotted a missing carbonward please dont hesitate to contact your nearest aquavolt

You can reach said aquavolt through teamspeak; his favorite game :^)

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3 hours ago, cowboyofbebop said:

solono seems like a giant fgt or someone that at the very least I would put my foot through his fucking face. X

Idk maybe I'm just high.


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