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A Wild [BULBA]saur Sighting - BULBA Recruitment Station

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I don't know how you guys did

48% downloaded. Had to pause a bunch of times because still writing BS long history essay due on Monday.

oh fuck me too

welp I guess I'll just do it late Sunday night after my wglna scrimm

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/!\ /!\ /!\ IMPORTANT UPDATE /!\ /!\ /!\


Carbonward has been found!!!


500g will be rewarded to the founder: Carbonward



Thank you, and remember to never ne-G-otiate with terrorists

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Must get stats gud 4 bulba...

The good news is if i keep performing how i did today ill be in bulba in 1000 battles

I can dream

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VERY HARD CHOICE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


what tank put

special huehue sick reward camo on
  • T-62A
  • Obj907
  • Type59



dang camou can be switches

its not lose camou...


I think this world of tanks is improved camou system but its not lose camou anymore (not to buy again), i would like this current 9.5 and old one it doesnt when switches camou you will lose ur previous and u need to pay gold again.

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