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Just what we need - more of Quckybaby's clone warriors.


Hey Gharirey,


Thanks for the comment and bump. I'd be pretty happy if my stats were as good as QBs, but it's an ongoing project.


We are a clan that came together because we all enjoy watching QBs thread and playing internet tonks. You don't have to follow QBs content but you do need to be active in our TS and on our forums (which is pretty standard for any clan).


We have a mainly social focus (ie, no requirements to do Clan Wars) and expect a high level of play from our members. We have been playing skirmishes, strongholds and several other tournaments with a lot of success and have more events planned going forward.


If that is something that people are interested in then we are still accepting applicants and I encourage anyone who is considering to apply. Info is in the OP.




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Just for your information, my comment was sarcastic. QSF clans on EU hardly excel. They just procreate like horny rabbits. What I have seen from the players in those clans was usually a disappointment: decent stats but most don't live up to the promise in battle. But perhaps the NA franchise will be better ...


You are welcome for the bump.

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Obvious troll is obvious.


If you dont agree with something like this clan, why bother wasting you time discussion the excistence of it? QSF-NA is not going to go away any time soon.

They aren't bothering anyone, and if it can help people become better players, why not let them do just that?

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Oh yea, I forgot you were from across the pond and therefore have a different definition of "very polite".

I gave you a relaxed and polite response the first time, but then you responded with a well-written "said no one ever lolz" indicating you clearly were not interested in having a normal discussion about it. Hence my next response. But let us leave it at that. It would seem I don't understand the mindset (or spelling/punctuation) of some people on the NA server so I will let you discuss this with johnydeathstar.


Also I responded because (at first) it was a straight simple answer that didn't require johnydeathstar to respond. I was part of the QSF-community when the decision was made, so I know the answer to it. I was simply trying to provide you with a quick answer but you were clearly expecting that answer and had a well articulated response ready.


Besides, if you want an answer from a specific person why not just write to them in a private message? This is a forum, so anyone who knows the answer to a given question is allowed to answer. :)


k thx bai lelz #YOLO

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First of all, thanks for the bump. As to your question, QSF-NA is part of a community that was formed for like minded players to run platoons, TC's and 7v7s with similarly skilled players in a casual atmosphere. It has since branched out into strongholds and tournaments. In a way, it's kind of similar to Bulba. If that doesn't fully answer your question, then you are more than welcome to hop on our TS for a friendly conversation.



07. It's been a while since I've seen you on the QSF forums. I miss those funtages you used to put together.

Also, did you change the music to this video?

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It has been a while since I've been there. On my departure Maferick revoked all of my rights (which is fair enough) so I can only view the public sections of the forum and to be honest that is not where all of the fun happens :P


And yes, I changed the music as YouTube didn't like the song I had originally put up - I was unaware that the song was copyrighted. This new song is not though.

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Bump - Been awhile since I was able to visit the forums, thanks to Love2run, WaterWar and Your_Master for the positive responses while I was away.


We are still recruiting and doing skirmishes and strongholds actively - we are a great place to come and hang out & improve your game play!


Deets for applying are in the OP!




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FAQ time!:


What does QSF stand for?


Quickybaby’s Special Forces


Who’s Quickybaby?


A Player on the EU servers who also happens to stream as well as create videos on youtube:




So why aren’t you on the EU server?


QSF currently has 5 clans on the EU servers and expanded to the NA servers (as many EU clans do) to give those on the NA servers a chance to join and represent the QSF community.


Aren’t you just a bunch of QB fanboys?


Not really, most of us found out about the clan through watching QB’s streams but QSF is a community of likeminded players first and foremost mainly from the US but a few Canadians, Aussies and a couple of EU players.


Does QB ever play on the NA servers?


He has an account here and will occasionally pop over for a few games (we are hoping to get him to do so more often but his main account is still on the EU servers.)


What are the requirements to Join QSF-NA?


Head on over to the community forum (http://quickybaby.com/forums) and check out the applications section. They are not set in stone and exceptions can be made. We always platoon with new or potential recruits first to see how well you fit in (our Teamspeak channel is open to all so even if you don’t want to join but want to platoon with us head on over for a game or two).


Are you required to watch QB’s stream?


                Lol, no. there are no mandatory requirements for the clan other than promoting good behaviour, being active on our forums/teamspeak and don’t be a d*ck (not a duck).  I still watch the stream when I can but find myself watching a lot more of the NA streamers (mainly from  -G- ).




We are still a fairly new clan on the NA server but do hope to take part in Clanwars in the future. At the moment we have been active in most tournaments, skirmishes, team battles and strongholds as well as having a team in the WGLNA silver league working towards a stable foundation before taking on Clanwars unprepared.




                Of course, but I’m more of a haggis man myself.

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ew haggis! 

yum bacon


For anybody who doesn't exactly meet the player minimum requirements stated and is still interested in joining, please don't hesitate to log onto our Teamspeak server and look for people to platoon with. There are plenty of people who are ready to platoon with you and are willing to help you improve and/or put in a good word for you ;)


TS Server:


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  If you decide to keep some tanks! And manage to keep away from all chat  :D

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If you had challenged me with a "get a tier 10 or two in a week and you're in" or even "play 100 games in the M3 Lee in less than 4 days" I would have considered. But we both know I cant stay out of All Chat.





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