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The Random Thoughts Thread

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If you're browsing reddit and found something remotely fun and/or interesting, post it here in this topic.

If you've been watching the news and found something worth mentioning in a half sentence and/or link, post it here in this topic.

If you remembered something funny, post it here in this topic.

If you bought a new tank/sold one/etc, post it here in this topic.

If you have a fun photo from WOT encounters or such, post it here in this topic.

Anything status update-ish can be posted here in this topic, and/or on your status.


In this topic.


*Thinking intensifies*



Do NOT make new topics with half a sentence and/or just a link.

Do NOT make post worthy of half a sentence and/or link and write a lot of words just to make it look like more than it is. Topics like that will be insta-binned from now. 



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If there are those around that like web comics, especially those of the Dungeons & Dragons type, I know of a pretty cool website that is doing their own comic.  They are in the middle of a redesign and they are about 12 pages in to the first chapter of their comic, but it is some good quality stuff, IMHO.


Check it out if you want : Geeks & Goblins


Apologies to the mods if I misunderstood the spirit of this thread.  :O}

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Brick Tamland wants to know why you only like lamp??44-1026-competition-i-love-lamp.jpg?1353

Sorry but I just don't feel that strongly about lamp right now. I know I've been with lamps for a couple of years now, but I want to mean it when I say it. Oh yeah and the sex is only soso.

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