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The Random Thoughts Thread

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Does your brain hurt after reading this?

I hurt myself after reading that.


I demand an explanation why this works. I refuse to accept this works..... all the pranks I could have pulled on my English teachers, GIVE ME BACK MY YOUTH GODDAMNIT

Your brain doesn't read word-for-word. I can't remember where I read that but that photo kinda proves it

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"Vikings enjoyed the alcohol BUT they didn't drank it from glasses or bottles. They preferred to celebrate victories by drinking alcohol from skulls of defeated enemies." 



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I am reminded to the fact that Europe faze Japan in term of wtfuckery in nasty things


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Never in my life I've seen CCleaner told me I can save 4 gigs of space by cleaning. What kind of person didn't clean this long in their PC. Also the amount of adware I'm getting, holyshit.


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I don't think people are scared of death itself, rather the things that cause it and the fear/hope of something beyond it.



The worst part about waking up is finding out that I’m not dreaming

The worst part about waking up, is knowing that I am still alive


If I die before I wake

I beg the reaper my soul to take

I do hope it will be an escape

To leave me always in that dreamscape

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