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The Random Thoughts Thread

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A watch or mobile app that would do a light "peep" every three seconds - every time someone in Africa dies for not having a handful of corn or even just a glass of water.



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2 hours ago, KnobbyHobbGoblin said:


That reminds me of this

(I think someone's posted it in this thread already, but it was a while ago so I don't remember.  Maybe it was even you!)

:doge: I don't recall ever poasting that

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>I was only 9 years old

>I loved America so much, I had all the guns and freedom fries

>I pray to America every night before the US flag, thanking it for the nuclear I`ve been given

>"America is Freedom", I say, "America is Republic "

>My Democratic father hears me and he calls me a tea party activist

>I knew he was just jealous of my loyalty for america

>I called him a Nazi Jew

>He scolds me and sends me to go to community college

>I'm crying now, and my guns are confiscated

>I lay in church and its really cold

>A warmth is moving towards me

>I feel something touch me

>Its america

>I am so patriotic

>He screams in to my ear "THIS IS MY PAC-3 MISSILE"

>He grabs me with his powerful marine corpsmen and puts me on my economy and diplomacy

>I'm ready

>I spread my demilitarized zone for america

>He penetrates my zone

>It hurts so much but i do it for america

>I can feel my capital burning as my palace starts to explode

>I push against his air force

>I want to please America

> He roars a mighty Yankee doodle as he fills my capital with his army

>My dad walks in

>America stares him down in the eye and declares "This is my oil now"

>Uncle Sam leaves through my window on a F-35

>America is Freedom, America is Republic 

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Sent these over Steam to a few people and they got some entertaining responses so felt i'd cp it here:


Hey, remember the good ole days when vidya games were packaged with sex toys? lel http://www.gamegirladvance.com/2002/10/sex-in-games-rezvibrator.html

So in other news some pornstars started an indiegogo to get one of them fake tits so she can rebrand as a milf. I'm looking at the rewards and it's just so funny and sad: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-milf#/ 

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