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The Random Thoughts Thread

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Mission accomplished. Got a terrific shave, didn't nick myself, my skin feels great, and I smell like a man. Double edged razors are officially the bee's knees. Why have I waited so long to discover this awesomeness?

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Ordered a double edge razor, razor blades, dry shaving cream, a lather brush, and an alum block just now. Gonna try shaving in style like my old man.


My current razor is a 1913 Gillette "Army" razor. Very compact and simple. Been using it for a couple of decades now, and it does double duty for trimming what's left of my scalp hair. For touchup on the chrome dome I do have to resort to one of the newfangled ones, but that's it.

I still have my old straight razor somewhere but I lost the strop years ago.

Had a bone jigged one for a long time til I dropped it and broke the handles. Sad, but I was told the blade was near the end of it's life from so many sharpenings.

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Decided to try my hand at making nikujaga over the weekend.


I rarely eat much food with added sodium, so I had to keep it low for this. I'm very sensitive to it but I still wanted to try the recipe. I was disappointed that Sprouts didn't have the right kind of kombu for making my own dashi, but the recipe source said low sodium beef stock would be a good substitute.

Cost of all the food (not including the soy sauce or vinegar) was around $9.


Choppy chop!



Mmm nothing like sizzling flesh.





To the stock I added 3tbsp of soy sauce, 2tbsp of sugar and eyeballed the rice wine vinegar, along with 2.5cups of beef stock.






It turned out very tasty! I got two meals out of it. The recipe was right when it said you could let it sit in the fridge overnight to develop the flavor more - I think I'll do that to the whole batch next time.

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While I agree with you on Metric > Imperial and C > F, for some reason I can't get over day/month/year.  I know it's more logical, but every time I see 30/3/14 or some such shit I think, "Silly yuros, there's not 30 months in a year."

this is rather old to reply to, so sorry, but I think of it the other way. 3/30/2014. and im like wut? since when did we add an extra 18 months to the year?

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