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A normal day in KITTY lyfe:





Got hit 3 times by arty, 15 HP left, stopped caring at all:



In hard cover, laughing at arty missing by a long shot:



Ran out of HEAT, trying to take on a hard target with AP:



Kitty in a 'toon that was on top of the teamscore:



Grinding the Tortiose



Nurki twied running away from danger:



Blocked by a pubbie:



After a real hard carry and the teams praise your 'toon



How you feel playing ANY tank after the Leo1



Just got TKd, trying to stay calm:



A scout tries to YOLO you:



"Who da fuq spotted me here"??


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I'm happy to make KITTYs happy. :3


First session after a few weeks away today, and this is what happened:


scratch that, all the .gif and all the fun seemed to stop working one by one. :

I'll try again some other day.

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all the pics are broken in #414 is it just me, was looking forward to seeing them...





Edit: ah I see it wasn't just me then, use imgur to host your pics much more reliable and easy to use. Where ever you find the gif just copy the URL and paste into imgur and use the new imgur link (though some sites don't allow this sort of copying).

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Apparently saying "meow meow kitty fgts :3" is an insult. chansub-global-emoticon-f6c13c7fc0a5c93d


Just to clear this up, I won't be giving out his name plus if I say "sexii" it's not an insult at all, it's more of a twitch thing. :)

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In KITTY, we're either busy being quiet and systematically destroying everyone or getting real busy insulting everyone and reminding pubs of their mediocrity/their place in hell - there is no in-between. ;)


Edit: Also I'll put 2500 gold on that being ilmao.

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