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[NA][NARWL] NARWL's looking for skilled players with 4+ tier X, *NEW* 2100 wn8 entry

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Upvote is an independent clan active in clan wars. We are RDDT's sister clan.


Upvote is looking for recruits for Clan Wars and the upcoming Campaign!



Now you might be wondering, what can Upvote do for me?

Well let me tell you what Upvote offers:

A laid back and friendly atmosphere

Clan wars everyday

Be part of a great team

Platoons! Platoons everywhere!

A place to help improve your skills

Gold Payouts!

A fun and exciting Teamspeak

Victory in the next Campaign

Experienced Leadership

A place to make friends




Now you may be wondering how can I join this amazing clan!?

All you need to do is meet the requirements!


1. Have an account on Reddit.com

2. 2100+ WN8 over 60 days

3. 54% winrate over 60 days

4. 4+ (preferably 5) Clan Wars viable tanks

(Tier 10 stats will be looked at)

5. Participate 3+ days a week in Clan Wars

6. Have a good, positive attitude and not be a source of drama.


Priority Tanks we are seeking:

Conquerer GC, M53/M55, 50B, Leopard 1, STB-1, Obj 140, Batchat, E100, IS-7, E5, E3, 268, Waffen, T57.



Now you might be thinking what if my stats are a little bit off; well attitude and tier x damage are actually the most important things.



How to Apply:

  • Send a message to a recruiter to let them know you are interested.
  • Get into our teamspeak, let recruiters or officers know you are interested, play with people in the clan you want to join. Show you will be active and demonstrate a positive attitude and ability to work well with teammates.
  • Provide basic information about yourself, CW experience, and availability
  • Applying should be done once you have completed the other steps.


TeamSpeak server address: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com

Clan page: http://worldoftanks....00006817-NARWL/





TL-DR we work closely with and would like to promote if you are not a candidate for NARWL:


[TL-DR] Requirements to join:

-> 1600 60-day win8

-> 50% 60-day win rate

-> 3+ CW viable tier 10s

-> active in TS and CW 3+ nights/week

-> Must have a Reddit account on Reddit.com


We are very interested in callers! Show proficiency as a caller in TL-DR and it will help you greatly to move to NARWL!





Reddit is a big group of clans and we have many that fit every bracket of skill and purpose. SNOO is our west coast clan, AURUM is a 1300+ wn8 clan wars clan, RDDT3 is a training clan and there are others for casual or competitive play.

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Wn8 is not the primary thing I evaluate on. However spots are getting tighter, so standards will rise again soon in some manner. Tier X damage and personality are the major criteria.

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I will be on much less for the next 6-8 weeks, so I will likely not be a primary point of contact, though I will check my messages regularly.

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