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Scout's on track to: 5.000 batsy battles


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A while back I put together some sort of challenge for myself for the batchat. I'd love any sort of feedback, be it suggestions, someone else who wants to challenge me with a certain objective or anything else...

I'm doing this because I love playing this thing, and it was my first X, so some stat repairing won't hurt. I'm also annoying you people with this because I seem to perform better when someone's watching over my shoulder (or at least when I have that feeling)


The goal was/is to increase the stats as following:

  • Get the victories up to 63% from 53%. I need to average ~65,54%.
  • Raise dpg from 2.590 to 3.510 (which is 9damaging shots). Need an average of 3.754 dpg.
  • Frags: 1,59 -> 2. Need 2,75 per game.
  • Spots: 3,48 -> 5. Need 5,41/game, this is a somewhat useless metric, so I'm not really focusing on this one.

If I manage these goals, the overall WN8 for batmobile should be over 4.000.


How am I supposed to reach these results?




  • Platoons? 50% ish of the battles, very often they are 2man platoons as well.
  • HEAT? Almost never use it, when I do, I probably carry 30rounds of them for reasons I explained in the Batchat appreciation thread.

I'm not planning to do all these battles within a certain time period. I just love playing the bat and will see where it leads me.


First ~500 battles (1.045-> 1.503): stats & thoughts

  • WR @ 55,56%. Which means I managed 61,4%, almost 4% short of the original goal.
  • DPG @ 2.772. I'm not even close to the target, I only managed 3.187DPG.
  • Frags @ 1,76. Again, not even close, only did 2,15/game.
  • Spots @ 3,56. Joke stat is a joke, only did 3,81, the map changes aren't helping either.

My opinion?

I set the goals after a weekend of good skill & perfect teams, where I had 4k dpg.

Resulting in somewhat unrealistic goals, but I know I can and I should do better. Teams seem to be even redder than normal, so I shouldn't expect any support anymore. I will still try to get as much damage as possible (as long as it doesn't hurt WR) though the goal of 3.7k seems nearly impossible.





Second ~500 battles; breaking down over 100 from now

First 100

1.503 -> 1602

  • WR @ 56,74%. Which means I managed 74,64%, I think I platooned somewhere between 50-70% of the battles, half of them in two man platoons.
  • DPG @ 2.814. Managed 3.451. Way better than the previous 500battles. I've gotten the hang of it again I think, last 3 days were 4k, 3.7k and 3.6k DPG...
  • Frags no change.
  • Spots: not discussing this over only 100samples.


Second 100

1.602 -> 1702

  • WR @ 56,70%. Which means I managed 56%, no platoons (solopub challenge) and had a huge streak of both bad luck (teams) and a bit of wrong decision making
  • DPG @ 2.857. Managed 3.545. Getting close to the goal I'm starting to believe it is possible again, if pubs only gave me the time I need before they yolo...
  • Frags managed 2.1 but this isn't really accurate over just 100 battles.
  • Spots: not discussing this over only 100samples.


Third 100, too much yoloswag

1.702 -> 1.804

  • WR @ 56,87%. 59,7% over the 100.
  • DPG @ 2.889. Managed 3.422.
  • Frags /.
  • Spots /.


Fourth 100 - I'm horrible, anyone buy my account?

  • WR @ 56,87%. 65%, quite a bit platooned too.
  • DPG @ 2.915. Managed only 3.331.




Question to the readers:

are interested in both semi-good and great replays, or only the excellent ones (4k+ damage)?

If you are interested in this at all...

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My Batchat is my favorite tank in the game... Love its maneuverability, battle flexibility, and most of the time, that gun


IMO, GLD > Vents. Could run coffee over medpack or AFE if you really want to improve its gun handling which is probably the only downside to this tank. 


HEAT, Im carrying one clip just in case but Im probably going to switch back to 30 APCR for pubs. Whenever I switched to HEAT, the sudden change in shell velocity throws me the hell off and I miss way too many of that clip anyway. 


Replays: Mildly interested, but honestly probably wouldnt watch them w/o them being epic and with a screenshot spoiler

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Thanks, yes I highly recommend going full APCR, it's so embarassing when it's a long game and you have like 2APCR and 3HEAT left...


Extinguishers are a waste IMO, double repairs are godly, will start running a bit with coffee again too.


As far as equipment goes, often you feel like you need the GLD but I don't want to give up all of the other bonuses, still not sure about that

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Maybe when I have BIA on my crew I'll try out vents over GLD, but at 2.9 skills its just too early for that with as many terrible gun handling traits this thing has at times. With Vents+ BIA a 5% reduction in aim time will be hardly noticeable over a 10% reduction from GLD I would imagine. 


Maybe its just sample, but Ive been set on fire about 10 times in the 250 or so battles Ive played in the Bat, including twice last night from frontal shots  :# . IDK if its an engine issue or fuel tank issue, but once I can get some more skills I'll probably put prevent Maint on this thing and drop AFE as well.

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I have tried both several times and in the end stuck to the GLD. Also after bouncing 2 full clips off an IS-7 I started carying 2 clips of HEAT again. Probalby will go back to 30 APCR master race soon but right now I need to spam a little HEAT

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I think it would be best to just run food and drop the vents for GLD... i mean, -10% to aimtime on french autoloadrs is pretty damn important. And food alone gives you a 4.5% increase in everything, which is quite a bit more noticeable than what vents do. With BiA, food, VStab and GLD you canalmost keep the aimtime down to decent levels, because you're at the same time working on both upping base accuracy and speeding up aimtime...

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I just feel like very often, when you keep engagements at long range you have the time to aim.


But you've convinced me anyway ;) will buy GLD on next equip sale, got torched because shot went wide to track last game -.-

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Got a couple replays with interesting spots you may or may not use;


combining best spots on el halluf with Ace & 12k WN

random 5k+ damage on Highway (OP bush is OP)
These worth viewing?
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Got a couple replays with interesting spots you may or may not use;


combining best spots on el halluf with Ace & 12k WN



That spot up in the northwest is interesting, never realised there was good enough bush cover to spot the TD shelf from there. Do you find it to be pretty reliable, and/or is it something you usually do? Seems like one of the best initial positions to take as a medium on the map, given the cover you have, and still being able to spot for your team, without the all-in commital that going down into the bowl requires.

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The 'bowl' you mean is pretty useless IMO. When you're going up against semi-skilled+ team you're locked down and the only thing you can do is spot and wait your arty/support is the first to take the other side out. Or get raped by enemy arty...


I find it very reliable (initial) place to be in soft vehicles with enough view range (effective should be 380+ I think), you won't be spotted until you fire.

For other mediums (USSR/chinese/...) I prefer to play very agressive and go right below their noses, past the 'bowl'.


El Halluf is pretty OP from that side if you ask me (if you have many flexible tanks)

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Well it's been quiet here for a while now. Got some replays of today and added the next 100 battle stats in OP.

I think I can make the WR and DPG targets but it's likely going to be after more than 5k battles.


Chasing around Serene coast for a radley

A honorabru loss, getting the adrenaline going before battle starts isn't a bad thing every now and then :)
Ace in lakeville
Also made my decision on the 3rd equipment slot. Swapped optics for GLD  o.O
Why? The meta really is changing, and even though there still are open maps, the extreme camo of bat means you'll spot enemies before they spot you (if you know what you're doing). My coffee also helps view range naturally. I'll reconsider my commander skills with the next reset sale because I'd like to keep my actual view range around 445...
Anyone else running bat without optics?
Edit: lakeville game on youtube with reasoning behind actions for newbs (was made for my guide on official forums)
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