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The relics of old wars

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So digging through my youtube like history pulled up a rather old video.



Feel free to share old pics and videos from ages that have gone past in Clan wars.

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Be warned that these are predominantly RELIC related, so if you're a h8r, please apply to HAVOK. 












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These got poasted in CRD about a month ago. Loved them, so I figure I repost them here:




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of course not mine, nor was I even involved in it, but idc i find it ammusing lol




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While from EU forum, its kinda good (and fairly accurate) no gold = no players, always E5 rush etc


It was made after 3 CW fails in a row:

- failed attempt to take Stalingrad

- failed landing in britain (to ``wet Tabs``)

- failed landing in greece (we forgot to place a HQ and chips xD )




ps: the Rhotert remark was for him beiing capwhore of EU (and wot?) with more as 7 cap / battle, hence the cap-remark :P


ps: the topic the vid relates to: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/226033-322-goes-full-retard/#topmost

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This goes back to August 2011, clearing an LZ for NDP back when you could actually do that and still hold land.


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Rip Amonk



My clan was 37th at the time, we get SSGS'd at 0:55... riperino. :[  


And a bonus from the waaay back machine...



From an outsider looking in it was a good time. 

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I forgot how to add videos on this site... RIP me


WG scumbags changed the map with the next patch, probably because this video went hi-profile far too quickly.

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