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AMX 12t Confliction: Scout or Autoloader TD

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Back when I was playing the ELC, I was always told to play it like a pocket tank destroyer or a heavily passive scout. That made sense to me since it was fast, had a 175 penetration / 240 damage, and apparently had great camouflage values with the disadvantage of not having a fully rotational turret. I had some success in it and enjoyed it, even if at some points I was bored with the supposed play style.


The AMX 12t has been another completely different can of worms to deal with. With the use of a fully rotational turret, I believed I could get a better role as more of an active scout (which is my preferred play style). The issue is the gun handling performance while on the move is, well of a lack of a better phrase, piss poor. Snap Shot and Smooth Ride are a necessity after I finish Camouflage. The gun handling isn’t the big issue I have with the 12t. It’s the fact that playing it as an active scout seems to be a quick way to die (For the record, I don’t just suicide scout and rush for artillery, that’s blatantly destructive to your team) and playing it as a front line passive scout is not rewarding to either experience or WN8.


The thing is when I play the 12t as a sniper, it feels like I am not doing my job at all, yet I am rewarded for doing that. Whenever I snipe in the back and see someone yelling at me “12t go scout”, I can’t help but feel like they have a point. Yet when I look at the after battle reports and WN8 calculation, I am always 3rd on the team or better with 2700+ WN8 rating (And before anyone asks/yells at me, no I do not know how WN8 is calculated. I just know that everyone uses it to calculate player skill and a higher number implies a better player.)


How is this supposed to be played? Is it a light scout or an autoloader tank destroyer?

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Don't get locked into this tank is for this purpose only mindset, it's very verastile


Use it as map, MM, and situation dictates


Be careful of the shitty gun depression and conserve HP and ammo for endgame clean up


Think of it as OJT for the Batchat

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Don't try any sort of active scouting in it beyond occasionally peeking a little over a hill; it's just too slow for that. Rather, use your speed to get to good passive scouting spots, and when you feel the need to get away, your on the move camo prevents you from being vision-locked. The best way to have a big impact early on is not to get the gun firing, as everyone else does more than you, but rather to use your scouting abilities to deny the enemy good positions. By enabling your ally's guns to trim down enemy HP early on, you're doing far more to win than damage whoring at the back.

When you get to the mid game, where the enemy ranks tend to have thinned out a bit and the fight has settled down for the most part, you can begin to play more aggressively. Look for holes in the enemy's lines, and use them to brutalize TDs and arty at the back with your autoloader, or farm damage off a distracted heavy with its back turned to you, and run off to reload and do it again.

This all creates pockets of localized HP superiority, meaning that the affected flank is likely to fall fast, and once one major flank falls, it can start a 'snowball' of other flanks falling, as enemies either fall back, leaving survivors isolated and about to be crushed, or find themselves suddenly getting shot from all sides. It's in the endgame that your autoloader, with its ability to quickly drop a lot of damage, really comes to shine.

Sorry for making such a long post, but that's more or less the ideal way to play the French autoloader lights. If you want to see it in action, I have a good 9.1 replay in the 1390 on Lakeville.

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Why do you have the need to re-classify it? It's not a scout, it's not a sniper, and it certainly isn't a tank destroyer.


It is what it is: an autoloading support tank, and it's not a very good one.

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Problem with the 12t, it's too damn slow to be an effective scout though out of tier 6 LTs it has the best camo value. So you're only defense is relying on NOT being seen.  So you almost have to play in the scout/sniper mode instead of scout/flanker.  Tank has the WORST get up in go I've ever seen in a LT.

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It doesn't have the mobility to actually scout effectively unlike the ELC before it. The gun is pretty good with ok pen and meh damage a shot. I say do a mix of scouting (passive) and when possible, be a TD and use the autoloader. Just remember to shoot the sides and rear.

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