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Retrain JPanther crew skill

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Crew retrain discount this weekend in SEA. I want to take advantage of that.


My JPanther crew is the same crew from day 1 grinding the line, close to 2 skills, 100% camo. JPanther camo is not stellar by all standards, and I found I'm doing more and more mid range fight in it with 105mm rather than snipe from a far. Map changes had contributed a lot to that too. However I still had many times no one able to spot me even I was expecting be lighted up, which surprised me that it still has reasonable camo if trained 100%


Another point to be considered is when I bring the crew forward to JP2, repair+gun/drive skills seems a good forward planning. Thought ?

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according to Tankinspector


JP 13.4 - 8.3 - 4.3%

JPII  camo 10.3 - 6.3 - 2.9%

JT camo 10.9 - 6.6 - 3.1% (lol)

JpzE100 camo 2.9 - 2- 0.9




So I wouldnt drop it yet, though next priority should be things like repair, prev. maintanance, safe stowage and viewrange skills.

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Ah OK. I felt snapshot was not doing much, wise to retrain gunner into camo + repair or camo + deadeye ?

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