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So like many of you, I've been reading the recent great interest and also, like many of you (despite egos, personalities, etc) I find it a real treat to have front row seats to a *discussion* between people who are excellent at something where they speak to/argue/articulate the fine points of the game at all levels, or even just define what makes a truly top-tier player.  In this, Garbad does bring out some of the Lombardi aspect of "WIN". 




This coincides with a short, great interview recently in the NYTimes with Kevin Tracey on some of the key building blocks of success.  I don't think of myself as a particularly creative outside-the-box thinker, but I am a connective thinker and see all sorts of life lessons playing WoT and really, these are the building blocks of just being good@life. 


The NYTimes piece references something I saw a few years ago, a decades old video with Vince Lombardi on just making the effort (worth watching all the way through for everyone on here).  I don't mean to spam motivational mumbo-jumbo here, but the idea of a 'second effort' in anything you do is a powerful one.  Don't let yourself get rebuffed or let fate and chance dictate the game for you- it's really what this entire site is about. So what's your second effort look like? Do you even have one?


You may say that the cutting irony is that this is just a video game and, to quote David Mitchell, “Politicians and sports coaches both need to be smart enough to master the game, but dumb enough to think it matters.”


There's something to that. But if you think something is worth doing, then it's worth doing well. So watch your own and others' replays; take advantage of all the mentor opportunities; check out Sexy Sela's softcore stream or any of the other fashionable streamers, keep being generous with your time to the guys looking to improve so you can get some perspective on your own play. 


This isn't some vague, abstruse idea. It's the best way to get a seat at the table with the masters on here so you too can inspire Garbad's ire and disrespect in the realm of deep purples. Now I  just need to follow my own advice...



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