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On 3/2/2017 at 3:52 PM, Archaic_One said:

Pen 170 > 120

Aim time 2.76 > 2.90

Accuracy 0.36 > 0.38

Reload 11.51 > 14

Health 400 > 320

Speed 65 > 60



I think you're comparing 100% crew to basestats.  Aimtime and accuracy are the same, reload is 12 -> 14.

Given the tier drop, a ~14% reload nerf doesn't bother me.  DPM isn't what this tank is about and taking two consecutive shots is relatively rare, anyways.

The speed drop is unfortunate, but whatever. 60 all the time instead of 65 all the time, I'll live.

Pen drop might be the one thing that concerns me, but in all honesty the current pen values are silly good.  I'll have to see how it works in practice, but at worst it means i'll be loading a lot more gold, and for a tank I play purely for the lulz, I can live with that.


Had a pretty fun game this weekend with me and another ELC destroying a full HP VK 100 via the ol "your tank is really tall and you can't shoot down here" move.  Like piranha eating a hippo.  This tank never ceases to bring the fun. :microdoge:

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I love you ELC, you will be missed:


edit: and I just realized this was my highest XP game in the 660 ELC games I've played.


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9 hours ago, Griphos said:

That was fun to watch.  Sad to see her go.  

Any time you get to pull up alongside a tall heavy and burn him down from full HP, it's a good game. I was afraid the arty was going to try to hit me (his teammate be damned), which was why I switched sides after the heavy turned around.

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Funny. I was afraid of that as well the whole time watching you battle the M6. Arty did shoot and hit him right after he died. He was waiting for you to finish him off first. He should have seen his death was inevitable and killed you both. 

My very first battle in the ELC I discovered that feature by accident.  Unfortunately, you don't often get the chance where another tank isn't around to shoot you. 

On the Emil on the top of the church hill, did you ram his back corner on purpose to track him?  I never thought to ram in order to track. 

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Was in a tier 7 game this weekend that we (I included) did everything possible to throw.  A good player in an ELC picked the whole team up on his shoulders and and carried like a borrowed mule.  One of our arty lived long enough to deny him the Kolo, but it was all him, 1v1 CQC vs a full health T29 - yep, 1 v 3 vs a Dickermax and 2 arty - yep, intensely hard use of the space bar for meme value - yes.

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Played 18 games in this thing as a pre 9.18 send-off. Almost 3.3k WN8 for the night, so many of my 1k battles in the ELC were from my n00b days that I never realized what a capable statpadder this thing was. ELC platoons are also a great stress-reliever, two or three coordinated ELC's can wreak havoc in the enemy backfield.

RIP, mon ami. You will never be the same.


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