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  1. 1. Remove arty from game?

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  2. 2. Allow countries/states within continents?

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Now that the soccer football championship is finished, I was wondering if there would be people interested in some kind of 'WoT championship'.


The goal is to appoint a winner from a continent/state (much more americans on NA server so much more possibilities).

Considering this is for pure lols, I'm thinking of very small sample sizes (batches of 10ish battles).


It's just a random idea that came to mind, was wondering if there would be enough interest.

Rules: not too much but we should have to create similar environments ie:

  • server (preferably east)
  • platooning (# members + maybe mixed skill to let 'bads' learn if possible)
  • ammo and consumables whatever you like as long as it's not a gold spamfest (except those who need E100/183/...)
  • ...

Anyone interested?

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