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[US] is recruiting - Platoon/Strongholds

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[uS]/=US= is a platoon clan that is looking for skilled and mature players. The original [uS] started as a Halo clan back in 2011, but died in early 2013.  We are dedicated to giving our members a good atmosphere in-game. The main requirements are some skill at this game and a good attitude.


We are going to join the stronghold bandwagon. ;)


Minimum requirements to join are:

- 3000 battles

- Tier 8

- 1050 Overall WN8/1450 60 Day WN8

- 50% Overall Win Rate

- Voice communication/ears

- English

- 16 years old+


Applications are accepted on a case by case basis.


WoT page: http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000016195-US/#wot&mt_order_by=-member_since

Website: http://unitedswatclan.enjin.com/

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/unitedswatclan - If you want to play other games with members

Temporary TS3:


I do gfx




tl;dr - we're a start up platoon clan looking for skilled players

bonus: we have a nice looking emblem

bonus 2: we're gonna do strongholds

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Bump for new logo and just looking for members. Still in the process of getting a small member base. So anyone looking for a platoon clan that aims to be composed of decent and quality players, you may have found the right clan.


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