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A Stream of Not Quite As Bad Decisions

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I decided to try complying with the WoT terms of service, uninstall my custom RELIC WarPack mod files, and try seeing how a stream comprised of a middle-aged guy with slow reflexes playing primarily Tier 10 tanks will go over.  


I'll solo pub.  Primarily IS-7 with some other random tanks thrown in.

I'll platoon with a few friends and that one guy everyone hates.  What a cunt that guy is.

I'll try to offer useful commentary on why I'm doing the things I'm doing and retrospect on what I or our team could have done better if all doesn't go well.

I'll laugh.  I'll cry.  I'll shake my head and give looks of disgust.

I'll drink beer.  Maybe you can drink beer too.

I might even wear pants sometimes if I ever bother to get this camera working.


We'll listen to some classic rock, a bit of heavy metal, a touch of progressive rock, and maybe some oddball stuff mixed in between.  


If all goes well pubbie tears will be extracted and you'll get to see why people Otter pubbies hate RELIC so much.  If I get tired and/or drink too much beer you'll get to see why I don't have deep purple recent stats.


Dlur100 Plays World of Tanks on twitch.tv


YouTube Channel


I also post some replays and such in this other thread: 



I'll try to remember to post in this thread when I go live.

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Please play with my IS-7 some time, I also love driving mine. I just tanked my stats in it because it was my first Tier 10, although it was no where near as bad as my IS-3, my first 8.

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+1 vote for Dlur to be added to WotLabs Streamer list...now where is Never when you need him....

P:s\  I am now stalking your channel, just PLEASE DON'T PLAY ARTY or I will remove my vote!!!!

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Stream's offline for the night.  Had a pretty good first day, I think.  I've got 14 followers (thanks!) and had up to 6 viewers at one point.  The (technical) quality of the stream seems fine.  My gameplay in the second stream of the day wasn't nearly as good as my first solopub stream.  Oh well.

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Dlur, you have any plans to add some commentary to your YouTube vids?

Just think, the Jingles of the NA server......but actually one that is gud at tonks!

You know you wanna...

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Going forward perhaps.  Those YouTube videos that already exist are from a few patches ago.  I'd probably be more inclined to export stream highlights out of laziness.  

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Stream's up.  Going to focus on Batchat and maybe 13 90.  Solo play unless someone good sends me an invite.

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1) Stop streaming right when I'm going to go to sleep.


2) Stop having glasses like mine.


3) Stop having the same headset as me.


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