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Da Rocket?

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Here is some tidbits on aiming rockets.


Reasons to use rockets:

1.You do get performance back after you fire the rockets now.

2. Rockets act as deterrence for ramming. Many people will not go head-on with someone who has rockets, or they will break if you fire.

3. Funzies.

4. You can fake out noobs. Basically, a player would see that your plane turns worse than theirs due to that little indicator thing on the target window... except that is referring to the base stats of the plane, with the rockets. It isn't accurate after you shoot the rockets, you might actually be able to out turn them even though it says otherwise. They will keep trying to circle with you and be an easy kill.




Actually, this does vary slightly. MOST of the time it is under as depicted, but sometimes, like for example, the i-16 it isn't. This is just due to the position of the rockets on the aircraft. Think about it, the rockets are under the wings... so lower to the left and right.






You usually will not be killing a plane by direct hits. Rockets have splash damage. Usually you will hit near the plane, and the rockets explode, damaging planes. If you do hit a plane directly, it still does damage.


Rockets have a set detonation distance.




They will detonate after traveling the distances in above guide. It should be noted that if you are, for example, in a head-on pass, you wouldn't fire a 1km range rocket when the target is 1km away... because the target is moving towards you. By the time the rocket got there, the plane wouldn't be 1km, it would be closer, so the rocket would explode behind the plane. You would instead try shooting it when the plane is at 1.2km, as an example.


I can't give you precise measurements, but mathing it out wouldn't be hard with a simple time/distance equation. Shoot a rocket, and time it until the explosion. Calculate out how far a plane could travel in that amount of time, and tack that length onto the detonation range, and then fire when the target is at that range.



My favorite: The ground-attack pinata.




Basically, the idea is that you can eliminate all the hassle with the range-finding on rockets by simply hitting the ground, which has a static distance. If the enemy plane is low enough to the ground, the splash will get them and all you have to do is lead properly.


It's also the best way to knock out a GA in a high-altitude plane without sacrificing all of your mobility. You can dive, shoot a rocket when you are like 1k-700m above the ground, and go back up without any circling at low altitude, or risk of getting attacked by low-alt planes. Getting a quick, early, GA kill can really decide the match (and has).


Of course, don't try this unless you have fairly large rockets (70m+ blast radius).


Here is a video showing this type of attack:






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I don't understand you... One moment you're one of the biggest shitposters on this forum.. and the next you make a great thread like this or that shooting out the sun one. 


Good job

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I have been trying to use your tips on rockets and I have to say that it does help. I actually got two in one game the other day, lol. I even go onto the Drac website for more information, thanks. Keep it up as us scrubs need all the help we can get, thanks.

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On 7/21/2014 at 5:19 AM, PityFool said:

I don't understand you... One moment you're one of the biggest shitposters on this forum.. and the next you make a great thread like this or that shooting out the sun one. 


Good job

It's actually super simple when you think about it, I just say things that I observe are true, and people take some things I say like "just get better at the game" etc as trolls when in fact they are true.

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