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Wotlabs Fantasy Football? Week 2 in the books!

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Excuse me for being a de-facto girl, but what is fantasy football?


It's like football but players dress up in medieval armour instead. 

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60 receiving yards or 1 receiving yard and 1 TD, was all I needed from Dez Bryant going into the Sunday Night game to win my matchup. I was so frustrated when Dallas started playing to lose (and Dez only had 26 RY), but finally the TD catch came, when I had almost given up. 


Quite an awesome NFL weekend. My Niners came back to beat the Eagles and my fantasy teams are currently 3-0 for the weekend (if Edelman gets 14 fantasy points tomorrow, it'll be 4-0)!


Matt Asiata was one hell of a waiver pick up if I do say so myself. Picked him up off waivers earlier this past week in the three leagues I won in this week (was unavaliable in my final league). If he puts up just half of that 28 points each week I'll be happy.  8)

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I would just like to say thanks again to Ricks Red Mambas for trading Forsett to me for Gerhart back in the early season  :tongue: . He has been a very solid starter, and then he finally got some TDs and it was against you lol.

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