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  1. 1. What is Loz's most redeeming feature?

    • A rugged jawline that makes the ladies swoon
    • Honestly who else has a singing voice like that
    • The sloped forehead provides better effective armour
    • Can't answer now I need a smoke break
    • What are you on about mate?

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(No offense) You sound like a creep in that video...

Sleep deprivation is a mighty drug...


What tank are you going to put on your stream t-shirts?   You can't use the 50b btw.

As for T-Shirts, I will have a BIG JP-1000 on the front with 420blazeit rounds, and on the back, it will say "Usa's Stream |:^)" with my eyebrows in the background.


It needs to be the JPE with something that is related to the 420 HEAT round



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Really need to step up my game in terms of the shit talking and pissing off pubbies.  The only complaint I've had against me was TK'ing in the WoWS beta weekend a few months ago.  I hope someday to be contacted by Loz or Powder because of a complaint they received about me.

That's weak yo, you need a whole reddit thread made about you.


Also everything here with usa's picture, 10/10 lawl

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navy is all I need :)

fair enough.


I was unaware there were so many gifs of Rox.

Its great fap material when he isn't streaming. gjn81wvxqsq6yzcwubok.png

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ROB, I'd just like to say thanks for providing us with so many great new GIFs to put in the various channels of Relic's new TS.  We all had a giggle mate.

o7o7o7 friend |:^)

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