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DAE threads are better with polls?  

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  1. 1. What is Loz's most redeeming feature?

    • A rugged jawline that makes the ladies swoon
    • Honestly who else has a singing voice like that
    • The sloped forehead provides better effective armour
    • Can't answer now I need a smoke break
    • What are you on about mate?

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Hi guys


This thread is more active than the clan :^)

Woah this thread was once dead


You kicked charles from your clan? I have lost all respect for RELIC

I missed out on the good stuff

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At least I wouldn't voluntarily leave to an anime clan

Don't worry I'll teach @rojo180. I have the power to abuse him on chai TS. I'll kidnap him and force him to join chai with me. If not I will permanently move him down to plsgo channel and that won't be pleasant. 

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Not only is Relic not dead now, but we're getting more requests from other clans to merge with us than we know what to do with apparently.  Time to start trimming the fat and kicking inactives.  Looking at you @canadiantrex ya fucker.

Surprised he wasn't kicked in the first wave of kicking inactives...

Ayy Lmao!

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Yeah... apparently a group of 20ish blunicums are looking for a stable home

@Lozarus dies a digital death, and less than a month later he'll come back to a completely full Omega, a completely full 3rd, and Aux filling up fast... I think 3rd will have over 70 participating in the campaign

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