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Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays

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Its not so awful anymore. https://www.mediafire.com/?dbyxq2bja5n4ats 

Type 62, averages right around 2k dpg for 40ish battles. It used to be bad, then it was good, then it was awful, and now its pretty good again, except that terrible HEAT shell cost that just needs to be brought down from 12g/4800silver to what? 8? 9? So that even when you pen your gold shells you aren't losing credits. Its not like the 62 makes massive profits anyhow right?

Oh and a bonus Lakeville domination from Friday


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Some tryhards, like @imoody for example, keep insisting to use the 90mm on the tier 9 T49. They're wrong, because fun and hilarity are the best outcomes. Here is a replay pack showing my run up to crossing the 95% threshold using the 152 after the move to 9. Took 2400 dpg plus tons of spotting. Was fun, and totally incidental to me just enjoying playing the tank. 




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Nearly 4 years without reply. I cannot help but feel partially responsible. 

Recently I was recruited to play this game again by @sr360 . He was my commander.  We've been experimenting with high camo LT builds for the anti-EBR meta. LNE is a pretty good piece of equipment, especially if you can deal with crappy gun bloom! I'll hopefully have some replay content soon, as we're working on a method of recording video with voice-over, working around my shitty hardware!

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Ok still working on video commentary. In the meantime here's some thoughts and replays.

First - fuck EBRs. I'm decent in an EBR - i don't love them. They're bad for the game and although i do appreciate their ability to break open stalemates occasionally mostly they ruin matches specifically by exponentially punishing idiots. Pubbies can barely counter them. So this leaves me as a salty, aging LT driver in an EBR meta. However equipment 2.0 has yielded us some options on this. And of course the Manticore - which showed us that 44% camo and high view range can sit in a bush and help counter EBR idiots - and that you don't necessarily need gun mods to be competitive in a LT.

So enter the new trinity of high tier LT equipment. CVS LNE and some kind of boosted optics. Reloading? Why are you shooting? Vertical stabilizer? See previous point. Vents? If you have good base camo and need more view range you can drop LNE for this - Manticore and T-100 and of course the EBR.

Wether LNE or CVS gets slotted isn't something I've worked out. I'm sure there's some math on bushes but I've found that either works. Slotted LNE gives less defensive than slotted CVS gives offensive - but both have their uses - so it seems to come down to the map which cannot be predicted in pubs. Boosted optics are needed because there's almost no such thing as too much VR.

So how do you do damage? By shooting people who can't see you. Or using camo to get places they don't anticipate. Or by having your team shoot them while you fap in a bush. CVS is particularly useful for being able to see people in places that they cannot see you and then shooting them. Very very useful in bush lines. Additionally with this vision dominant setup you can more confidently fire from some positions - as often you'd be able to see whatever might spot you. This is due in part to leaning into camo - but also due to the equipment changes on other players tanks. Not every MT caps view range now, or has over 500. Ditto for TDs and binos! 

Enough theory crafting - although credit to @sr360 for engaging in hours of theory and test with me. See his absolutely rampant T-54LW StealthFighter post for crushing with this loadout.

Here are some replays. First up is Westfield. There's nothing too crazy about this except showing how CVS really messes with bushes. I burn out the Grilles pretty brutally. You can also see how i can camp in the wide open to snipe out the Strv at the end. Best part of this replay is my echolocation of the T-100 though. He was in an impossible to burn bush but since he knocked trees and i had hp I was able to choose an approach for surprise autoloader sex. Does the 46% or so camo on the 13 105 enable me to do something that 38ish wouldn't? I can't say. Maybe it makes me more bold than my default. But i appreciate the buffer.



Next up Cliff. This game is super boring. Blame the map. I never saw a good chance to go up on top. Infact I've yet had a chance to get up there with LNE equipped. But that's just how the match went. So i sat and denied the enemy any chance to push without punishment. And then they all flooded 1 side and i saw a chance to win. Rushed the 268v4 and then disappeared again. I've used this bush exactly once before in an EVEN90. That tank is smaller but i managed to get inside it. Bonking the shots on the STB and failing to get a kill there. You gotta watch it to believe but that part was thrilling. An absolutely delicious ending. Curious about what people think both about how i played the match and about this set up in general. Comments!


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I posted in the T49 thread 

About the build I've been using. purple vstab and vents, bounty IAU - shot placement is key for HE now. 

To support this here are some replays. I cannot say my averages are good yet - getting a feel for the T49's camo, 683 m/s shell speed, and when to use HEAT is still a work in progress. @sr360rightly raises concerns - that going with no vision cedes MM weight to the enemy LT on very bushy maps - a sort of reverse Bourrasque effect. It's true - the T49 is more offensive with the gun now than the vision - so bring a platoonmate. But here's a series of games of me solo - booping things, working out when to use HEAT shells to punish Fascist Bawkses, and still spotting pretty decently. 


Sand River - their RU 251 doesn't contest middle. They cross lots lazy. The proxy circle is super useful for not being seen in this position! Our team wins South pretty handily with minimal help from me (I provide a little intel, a modest amount of damage) but then the RU comes into middle and EATS MY ROUND - this shot is like 25% easier to make now with the gun handling improvements and the accuracy change. Sometimes I still miss because I'm bad, but not this time. This makes him scared (rightly) and while I try to sneak on him again, the bush is only OK and we spot each other - and he gets picked. Now free reign of the map is mine, and you can see my just cruising around to pick up meaty killshots. Note the HEAT swap on the JT side. Used HEAT again on the HTs because they were all sub 700 hp and HEAT is pretty good now. 


This match is somewhat boring. I basically sit in 1 bush, spotting things, sniping them. Again - HEAT swaps for a Lowe passing through the middle, and HEAT for the IS-6 booty at the end. See also - blind pens because the gun is now actually accurate (I was wondering how I didn't hit the LiS...)


This isn't really a great video skills and results wise, but more showing that 480 VR and 33% camo has it's value. It's not the "you can't see me, and I can see you" dominance one enjoys in the Full Stealth/Camo Torture build - and none of the shots I make here are particularly cheeky - although again the penning shot on the EBR90 is 25% easier with the gun handling improvements, and fucking him off early did keep me from being pressured by his zoomy zoomy. But it's still enough to peek, counter-spot, slap a MT, etc. The pens at the end aren't special due to the build - but who doesn't love to see me butt blasting a Badger?


More sniping in the T49! Small moments = big outcomes. HEAT swap for the E-50 side - as I've said above - this is no longer a "pray to RNGesus" shot - with good turret control I can peek out and put the fear of ChodeGod into that guy. And then swap sides and full pen an HE on the Borsig - this is another area where the HE changes give advantage - much like the Sand River game above shooting the arty - you're just far more likely to pen soft tanks now instead of exploding on some screen or tracks - plus you can actually hit them a lot more reliably. Much damage here again in cleanup - the T49 isn't the slapping attrition monster of the past 3-4 years - but it's extremely good at putting TD-like hurt on tanks in places that big alpha can't usually get to - and it's got enough camo and VR to play a secondary role in vision and to protect itself. 

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A few more, because I wanted to really test this out. Close to 50 games - winrate kinda bad - both mistakes and solo so just about 60%. DPG 2k, spotting 1.5k - an acceptable total. But here's two more highlights


This really highlights how you need to play this tank now. Ambush those enemy LTs, make them 1 shots early, so you can keep control of the space. Also highlights the way you shoot soft armor on the Emil 2 - if I had penned a shot - the game would've been 4 mins shorter - but in the end the gun, vision, camo were enough to make a win. Some nice egregious cleanup on the PTA and Strv. 


A highway game. I know @sr360is worried about ceding MM weight to better spotting tanks - but the fact of the matter is pubbies are fucking idiots in LTs. I deserve no credit for what happens to the enemy LT here, but since he dies - I get relatively free reign and spot the heck out of their team with a few choice boops to finish things off. 

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13 hours ago, sr360 said:


This is awesome. Been thinking Kunze was a hipster tank that would gather dust in the garage. Love seeing you make magic with it. 

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Checked out the hot-shit meds in GG today after you posted the Prog game. Here are some comps for mediums on stat. camo values:

  • CS-52 LIS (running for sexiest tank at tier) - 15.73
  • Lansen - 16.87 (!)
  • Skoda - 13.11 
  • Type 59 - 15.68
  • Bourr - 19.27

And for reference the Prog. is 11.87. Though all of these are at 380 Base VR, save the Bourr at 390 (!). Any other's turning your head in the tier 8 category?  Honestly, the Lansen is looking good here. Power/weight at almost 30 gives it best in class, though top speed is maxed out at 50... Seems to have the added benefit of being small. Type 59 might do the job too..

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The 416 would be a contender too and align with the k91. Not superb view range but invisible. Burlesque is the standout 8 however.

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