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So i got better internet and upped my game. Now i want to take my play to the next level.


I grinded 10 games in my T54 this morning and was hoping someone could look at them and maybe give me a few points to work on. I didnt cherry pick any games they were just 10 that i played in a row and there are a few derps in there (1 or 2?) I averaged something like 3800-4000 wn8 over the 10 games. So far it seems if i keep playing like i have been the past few days i could hit purple or maybe even dark purple recent soon.


All tips and criticisms are appreciated!


Link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/draez68i46q6y/T54_Games


(im a noob when it comes to media fire but i think i got it right, also i dont know why i changed the file names of 2 of the games. Sorry about that.)

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From watching your replays, the repeating mistake is not watching your minimap enough and not thinking about what angles enemies can shoot you from.



Right in the beginning of the match, a WZ-120 appeared to your left while you were poking the ridge for shots. However, you did not notice him until he eventually shot you. The poor depression of the T-54 is unfavorable for ridge poking which is why it is unwise to poke the ridge in the first place. The name of the game is Health preservation. Throwing away your HP at the start of a game is detrimental to your team during the end game where your HP could've been used to trade with an important enemy. In a landslide game like this one, saving your HP could've enabled you to yolo more after dealing with the WZ, thus allowing more WN8 farming. You could also avoid the WZ entirely and gone with the friendly KV-5 and T95 and kill the enemies that they distracted for you.



Most medium players go middle on Redshire, but I do see the merits of going North. Problem is that it was not a good idea to stay there when the enemy heavy tanks broke through. Your low damage and bad depression puts you at a disadvantage in "peek n' boom" situations. Also not a good idea to fight a T57 before he starts reloading. I would've gone mid and if the heavy tanks had broke through they would get murdered by rolling across the wide open plain between the North brawl area and the TD camp Hill.



Good work in this game. Only thing I would suggest is that you play more aggressive on the East since all of the top tier tanks went West, leaving only a handful of tier 9s. Also realize that the hill you initially went on to spot is open to fire from the middle, so be wary. (IS-3 shot at you from mid) Usually in my 62A, I go into that ridge right infront of the houses and aggressively spot the tanks going to the East flank. The idea of flanking behind all the enemy was very good. No doubt that you carried this game.



Perfectly prudent decision to go island since you did have enough support to win it. It does get dicey if there isn't enough support with you. Once you cleared island, you should've noticed that the JPE that was directly Northeast of you was turning to face island. He had been spotted 30 seconds before he fired to kill you. You also should've noticed the waffle backing up the hill to line shots on you. It's easy to get tunnel visioned whilst shooting at people in sniper view so always zoom out and look around. You should've sat behind the building on the island to block the JPE and the Waffle from getting shots on you, or alternatively, leave the island and go West.


Mountain Pass

You should learn to trade more efficiently. For example, you should not have poked on the T-54 who was preaimed at the place you poked out. When in a medium, let your team be the shield, and flank them while they're distracted.


Sand River

When no tanks were spotted in the North, you should automatically look South and check how strong your forces are there. While a cap rush on sand river seldom succeeds, it is always wise to relocate and preempt the attack. Instead of dumping credits on that Maus, you could've gone to the hill early and farmed the tanks with your AP round.



Not much you could've done here. As always CONSERVE your HP. Let the tanks push into you. Only peek if you know there isn't a second tank that can shoot you. The middle area is a very hot arty spot so don't go there unless you are prepared for arty to take shots at you. Sucks that a 183 was able to snipe you from base. Good thing the draw area is being changed soon...


Live Oaks

 I've stopped going South simply because arty loves to keep shelling you as you brawl with the enemy. You should be more aware of firing lanes. Situational awareness can help avoid unnecessary damage (Ex. bat chat coming from your left to clip you.) Also know that enemies like to kill tanks who are one shot so be careful before poking and make sure you can withdraw before they realize you're there.



Always be vigilant of the dastardly artillery



 Make sure you know where enemies can shoot at you from. You were lucky that there wasn't anyone shooting at you when you went around to get the 13 90. Also when you went forward to face the enemies, you exposed yourself to multiple enemies who could shoot you. While the T-54 is OP enough to block these shots, you won't enjoy the same protection in tier 10 matches.


I can't seem to find Garbad's guide on angles right now... or I would've linked it. 

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Thanks! I'll work on my map awareness and not showing too many angles to the enemy.

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