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Color Scale Updated

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After much debating I finally implemented the new color scale according to the discussion Please keep in mind that none of these decisions are arbitrary, they are based on a LOT of data.

The new scale is the following, it can also be seen at the front page of WoTLabs:




I've also made a colors.xc file for XVM to match this new scale for WN8 and Win Rate. I'm testing it and will update this post shortly.

Your signature image may take a few hours to update to the new scale.



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Well shit I just made a post in the other thread...

Also lowering the super uni requirement? Idk, I think most people still consider 3K to be minimum super uni anyways :S  67% for super uni... Probably a good thing.

Though raising unicum standards is a good thing I think.

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Well, this new scale is based on hard data. Further discussion can still be had on the appropriate thread where the people who actually understand the witchcraft behind these statistics can answer in greater detail.


percentile .....that mean a unis better then 99% of ppl?



Got it mixed up. Great is better than 99%, unicum is better than 99.9%


Thanks Never! I'll make a post on the official forums about it, if you don't mind.


Not at all, thanks man! :D

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I don't feel like I'm In the top 99.99%...... could you post the data or a link if possible, I don't really believe I'm in the top 99.99%


Though the addition of the percentages helps a lot cause I always though blur was 5%, purple 1% and dark purple .1%

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still cant belive ppl are that bad.....on the bright side ill be blue overall soon  :D


edit: ik how you feel death i feel same way

I'm a complete fucking retard and I'm serious, book smart which I guess is what helps me but otherwise I'm a retard, it amazes me how people miserably fail at this game

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How the hell am I in the top 1% of all players, even with my frequent potato games? And how is it possible to have less WN8 than your winrate? I seem to be seeing more and more actual players like that. They even respond when you call them out for doing something of immense stupidity.

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Does anyone have a pic of the old table? I want to compare them side by side (yes my memory is terribad).


EDIT: NVM found a cached version of the site.

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