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M22 Locust Equipment Set Up.


Hey! I have a locust, and I love it to bits. Its a fun little machine, and wicked fast in a straight line.

In a tier 3, and lesser degree, tier 4 match, I'll be pretty aggressive in it. Active scouting, circling enemy tanks. (Well I guess strafing is more accurate, as I try not to turn unless needed due to speed bleed.)

In tier 5,  the APCR can't hurt heavies from point blank unless I get very accurate weakpoint shots. So Instead I'll passive scout.


My current loadout, given this:

Camo net

Coated Optics



I know coated and binos don't stack. I use optics to active scout, but the range isn't long enough in tier 5 to do this safely, hence the binos. I'll sometimes drop binos for vents.


Suggestions? I'm leaning towards keeping camo net, because IMO the stupidly high camo on this thing is one of its selling points.  (I use a T71 crew with 6th sense, snapshot/smooth ride, and camo.)

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I run with GLD, Vents, and optics...


That thing dies if it is spotted while stationary.

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