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The New BOSS - BOSS Gaming - Recruiting Member for Tournaments - Earn Gold

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BOSS is one of the oldest, active clan tags on the World of Tanks server.  Having been created in the first week of release of World of Tanks.     Some of the original members are still active and in clan. 


After a period of relaxation and rest, BOSS has re-branded and is looking for new life and tankers to join us in our e-Sport clan.   We are all about team play, whether in platoons, strongholds or our bread and butter, Tournaments. 


What does BOSS Gaming offer the avid WoT tournament tanker?

1)Organization:  You will know when tournament sign up is, who is calling, tiers for tournament, time frame for tournament etc all updated frequently on our webpage.

2)Scouting Reports: Our team of tournament specialists provide you with detailed information of who you're playing, their stats and tendencies. We are tracking all.

3)GOLD!  We consistently earn gold every week in Skirmish. 2500 for three - four night Skirmish tournament common, sometimes more. BOSS Gaming teams earned over 3k gold in Skirmish 30.

4)Calling: Experienced calling is a large key to winning. Our callers have all the tools, are prepared, experienced, and can react on the fly. 

5)Support: Our groups average battle count is large, our core members have been playing a long time, there isn't much they haven't seen in this game.  They can help you with most anything in this game.

6)Relationships: BOSS leadership has been around this community a long time, have established relationships with WGA and WGLNA Pro's who join our teams and help where they can. Often our teams have high stat, good guys from other clans joining our teams. Why? Because we earn them gold and provide a fun environment where to do so.

7)Strongholds: If this game mode interests you, we are active in this mode because it is team based and has rewards. We rarely lose.

8)Environment: Many stories of bad mixes in clans, with people you don't like or just plain jerks.  We have always offered a fun, win based without the over the top egomaniac environment.

9)Two active WGLNA teams. One named a VIP team not long ago for a WGA event. if WGLNA interests you our teams offer a good entry to this format, with experienced people who were in on the ground level.

10) Just a plain and simple awesome clan tag and logo. Who hasn't wanted to say you're being a boss, and well, you could be with the clan tag to prove it!


What do we need from YOU?

1) A commitment to assisting our leadership in tournament planning. You will go to our website frequently, tag your availability for tournaments on our calendar, and sign up for that you can contribute to.

2) SHOW UP for what you have signed up for.  Number one way to get tossed from BOSS Gaming is to NOT SHOW when you said you would. We understand not everyone can make everything, but letting us know is key to long term membership. 

3) Stats:  You should be running 1700+ WN8 (60 day) minimum in order to successfully fit in, and contribute to our Skirmish teams. You should be overall green level. (Some exceptions to be made here.)

4)Varied tanks in your garage.  If you sold all your tanks on the way to tier 10, you are of no use to us.  We NEED tiers from all levels, with crews available.

5)You should not be stingy with your gold, if you need to train a crew for a tier 4 tank which would cost you 600 gold, but you will earn 2500 two days later in winnings, we expect you to do so. Running Skirmish with an 80% crew is being a bad team mate.

6)You will not be a troll.  Trolling is poor form, bad sportsmanship, and sinks you to a level we do not want in our group.  

7) ACTIVITY.  You are signing up for a competitive, e-Sport clan.  Sitting in our group being a 'chip' we don't use is of no use to us.  You will play strongholds, you will join tournament teams. This is why you would come here, playing WoT during weekday afternoons and not when tournaments are active does not make you a tournament player, or mean you should be in a tournament clan.

8)Yes you need TS3 so we can communicate during tournaments.  We only expect you in TS when team events are going on, if you wish to not run TS during solo pub play.


If you would like more information, please go to our webpage and register on the recruitment page, and someone will contact you for a one on one TS chat and potential toon session. Registering does not ensure acceptance or commit you to joining. Everything is confidential.


PM Me Here if you'd prefer, or find me in game.  

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Great post! I've been improving, I may check back with you guys in a few months when my stats get better if you still have openings.


Thank you. Do keep in touch.


GL to your continued improvement.

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Suddenly one of the top people in the game in the top clan in the game has something to say about BOSS? 


I find that amusing.  


Clan was wiped 9 months ago due to stagnancy, losing, and no shows. It wasn't working. 


BOSS recently merged with two other tournament clans and is now rebuilding under somewhat new leadership, looking for new people.  I think it is well within it's rights to do so without anyone being called 'a liar.'

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Which two WGLNA teams are you currently fielding in which league(s)? Which two clans did you merge with?

We merged with "TFZ" a month and a half ago.   We have since eliminated some members for not complying with tournament scheduling expectations. (Notating your availability is huge here, and not hard if committed)

We work with ATO on tournament prep and players. 


BOSS Gaming was our original WGLNA team, which was active in every season. Was in Silver in Winter 2013 season, relegated to Bronze by 1 point.   This season was difficult due to being held in Summer, had a lot of people on holidays and unavailable so was a tough season. 


Like a BOSS is new team this year and was in Open League.


Thanks for the inquiry.


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The "liar" bit is about D-O-S still being a clan, not about you guys.


Well, I'll admit to being a bit confused.


Still I think there was a DOS recruiting page up, not sure why Smiley didn't poast there.

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Five great guys joined this week!

We still need more great up and comers or consistent, experienced tourney players and callers.


Keep us in mind if you're looking!



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Sign me up


I spoke to the fellow you referred to me. I asked him to do some things and I have not heard back.  I'll PM you.

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I remember applying for tfz just before they merged with boss, never got the platoon inv. At the moment, the chance of me switching clans is very slim - but however slim, there is a chance. A few questions:

1) Age limits? 15 here. 

2) Any required tank tiers? What if I don't have tier 9/10s? Max tier 8. 

3) Do most of your players use voice comms while platooning? I for one rarely do - I play platoons as though I'm playing solo. (Mostly play solo nowadays, platoon chat distracts me) 

4) Crew skills - how many on avg to be considered as a good crew?


I'm an experienced tourny player with calling exp -  I only talk when necessary. Strongholds, Skirmishes, and Challenges are fine but I have no interest in WGLNA. Like I said before I doubt I'll switch clans, but either way, good luck with recruitment and see you in a skirmish. 

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I was not involved in the recruiting at that time so I can't really comment on what happened to your application. 

I will address your questions:


1) Age is relative, maturity is not.  Some 15 year old are mature and responsible members of clans, others, are not.  If you fall into the first category I'm not worried.  I would add I've had some 20somethings in clans who act more irresponsibly than some younger members. 

2)We are not focused on CW play for higher tiers not necessary. 

3) We use TS3 for all our in game communication. I have never platooned without a mic. 

4) Nobody can possibly have 5 crew skills in every tank unless they play WoT 24/7 for years.  2-3 I would consider good crew skills considering the amount of different tiers we expect to need to run skirmish every week.

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1) Glad to hear.

3) TS3 is fine in tournaments. It's just that I only use my mic in emergencies while platooning.


I'll consider applying, if I do it'll be in about a month. Need time to get back to my optimal performance after a month-long break, and most of my crews who have nearly 2 skills will have >2 by then. 

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We're still looking for more people interested in earning tourney gold like the 6K listed above.


Undefeated team night 1 Skirmish 35.

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Still looking for awesome tankers for tournaments.

Callers get priority recruitment bump.

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