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Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

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So I went from 89.9% to 95.8% on the marks in one game.  What in the actual fuck?!?!  Wasn't there a CDC rental going on recently?  Maybe that's why the expected values went down the shitter with all the baddies playing it.





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10 hours ago, Pyr0freak said:

Those 30.5 mil credits tho :damn:

I thought unica were perpetually poor due to flinging APCR at all-the-things :disco:

If WG ever puts crew training on sale again I'll be spending all of it buying back tier tens I've sold out of rage.  MAHOU is a lot more active and runs three or more credit bonuses every day so I make a lot more credits than I did in any of my previous clans.

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derp + HEAT is completely balanced :serb:

as for camonet + binocs, i re-bought this thing few days ago, and as i didnt have credits to buy other equipment than rammer, i just slapped those temporary as they are better than nothing :P 

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On 3/13/2016 at 7:20 AM, CarbonWard said:

5 times I think.

58 Mutz 4 times.

FCM at least a dozen.


On 3/13/2016 at 7:18 AM, FixerReloaded said:

how many times have you 3 marked the KR?


amazing... carbon piloting player acc to aim 3 MOE for money???

carbon... how much fun u r making 3 moe?


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