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The 3-mark Thread

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It was really easy because the farming was hella lit today also best damage session of my life :0 

here are some big farm replays







All solo big wins ez money


101 games, could have been less but I have had 62A for ages.



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This game is so wack sometimes. 

The game before I get Prok at 94.73%. Both enemy E100's and Maus go 1/2 and push it out. I go to try and salvage hill and get suicide yolo'd by a 57. 

Drop to 94 flat, then I get the final game. 


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16 hours ago, Spartan96 said:

something so weird about seeing that thing with the M68 122mm after so long of it having been removed.

It surprisingly performs better at dealing consistent and higher average damage sessions than the 100mm D-54S gun.

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Of all the low-mid tiers I've grinded and marked recently this one is probably the most fun to play. By far the best of the derp mediums, if I had to choose a tier 5 to keep this would probably be the one.



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