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The 3-mark Thread

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Boom baby the 430 (utter trash can tank) is done. I have now 3 marked all the RU meds.

Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/3869502#arctic_region-haglar-object_430


If there is anyone else who has all 4 let me know and we can make a club or something

Difficulty ranking for getting 3 marks:

#1 Obj. 907 (duh)

#2 Obj. 430 - miss every shot, get set on fire every hit. I had a bad time..

#3 Obj. 140 - Did it before buff it was pretty tough

#4 T-62A - Was by far the easiest but I also had a killer session of 5.3k dpg for it


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Grinding my way up to tier X from the bottom and decided that I want to 3 MoE everything at the road... A-43 was a breeze, A-44 is hard tank for me, so I think that reality will correct my assumptions.


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55 minutes ago, monjardin said:



Welp I do not have a T-22 and currently there is no way to get it. 430U is at least unique so I would probably do it if it comes out. 

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And the mighty Löwe is 3-marked:






Ah it has been the source of many frustrations. Took me far longer than i thought it will. Have a look at the progression (data is from last 10 days, far more matches than i dare to admit):




And the 3-mark match: http://wotreplays.eu/site/3930742#fiery_salient-3maj86-l_we


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Nooo of course not manually :D


I use WoTNumbers application to collect data. The app is using SQLLite database to store data. I connected to that database via ODBC, and extracted it all into QlikView. QV is an amazing tool that let's you do all sort of analysis, and all in a few clicks. So that is how I got the graph :) 


For example, I can tell you, which day in a week i have highest win rate in my tier 9 tanks, or during which time of the day. Or who is the player in the past months that killed me the most, or whom did I kill the most etc.. I can dig up really all sort of info. 

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So, realized I should finally toss mine up... the two I have. (such a shitter)

Tier V Premium DE MT - first ever!

And the Tiger I - Just did last week.

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