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The 3-mark Thread

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Have been playing the Sheridan which is my only tier X Light in order to do LT-15.4 I have done the primary condition many times but getting 5 assisted kills is just not happening yet. I also got the #1 rating on NA for the past 30 days in it, not the highest for DPG but I have the highest KPG (2.51) therefore highest xp/game.



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Never gotten anything higher than 2 marks before as I'm a casual shitter that never plays a tank often or consistently well enough. Decided to try and get my first one.

Yeah it's only a tier 5 and one of the easy ones but gotta start somewhere right? Gonna do a few more of my favorite 5's then work my way up.


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Most fun I've ever had marking a tank, didn't even plan to do it at first


Final stats (in my last 27 battles in january I was averaging just below 2k dpg + 2.3k assist)



Also, this disgusting meme of a tank


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