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Hi! I'm a "wn8 greenie" looking to improve my gameplay.

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Hi everyone, hows it going?

Been here for a while, lurking, shuffling through guides and whatnot, getting to know the peeps, checking the water...  
And I think I like it here, so, hey!

My stats:




WoT Player Profile:


Having previous experience with MMO games, I knew that learning the game beforehand means less grinding and better stats.

Therefore I sifted through the game guide, forums, wiki(s), watched lots of game play videos and accumulated as much info as possible before even playing my 1st battle.

I'm also a College student, therefore many times I had to take leave from wot for extended periods of time.
(3 months leave, then 1.5 month intense playing and so forth) this condition greatly hampered my progress, because I had to catch-up everytime I came back.

I'm trying to better organize many aspects of my life in order to be more efficient, and to find more time to things that I want to do on the side (like being able to play world of tanks).

>  I'm currently planning to improve using "Kewei (sensei)'s way" (or Kewei-do) by cleaning his ca... no, by spearheading to tier X as soon as possible and prospering by being a semi-sentient sand bag 1337 player which learns from his mistakes.

Currently, I'm aiming for the new, non-op (in soviet standards) medium Obj. 430 to get the job done.  Aiming for a mastery badge and good stats at each tier before advancing, to improve properly.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.



I try to follow Sir Foch, Quicky Baby, Orzanel, Circon. Wotlabs introduced me to many good NA players as well, I've managed to follow Sela's stream and Garbad's replays so far and they helped me improve a lot. Also, lots and lots of people from wotlabs forums that I don't know too well to remember their names (yet), that helped me one way or another, thanks!

I frequently use wotreplays.com for high exp. matches on the vehicles that I'm currently grinding to improve my play-style.
Also started using the "purple poaster replay place" to learn much stronk taktiks.

I usually play alone because I do not wish to rely on platoons too much in my current state of the game.  



Any other advice and feedback for improving my game is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again guys, and see you around. :thumbup:



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