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      Good day or evening depending on when you read this. Decided I should stop just lurking around like the creepy guy in the dark corner.

Been playing WoT for about threeish years now and decided to not be bad about 6/7 months ago. I started playing then quit for about 6 months because I was terribad and hated playing a KV vs Ferdinands on swamp. 


      As far as the name and other such is concerned I was and am a massive Command and Conquer player and was always more fond of the Nod faction. Also this the only screen username I maintain with a capital letter because 'nodforev' belongs to a .co instead of .com because I cant spell. So good.


So I guess as my first question, what should I do in my recently acquired IS-7? I have had a few great games, but a lot have just been really meh.  



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You'll shit on the stats, but it's your first tier 10 so no one will really mind; play it a lot. And by that, I mean just play IS-7 almost exclusively and learn from any mistakes you make, you'll see an improvement.

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