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Looking for a CW trainer clan

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Hello WoTlabs community,


I am 'currently' in a clan and will be rejoining ASAP (our clan was sabotaged and about 15 members including me were unjustly kicked, I made a thread in The Venting Room but cannot paste a link (not sure why)).


At 4CE_1 I was one of the founders and thus a Dep Comm. My responsibility to the clan is to lead them in CW, but the only Clan War fights have been World on Fire and now this unpronounceable Norwegian event.


However, my clan will be making excursions onto the Arctic Circle in the future and I want to make sure I do my job as we hit the map.


I will be getting my first tier 10 (the AMX 50B) in a matter of days here (one of the reasons we haven't tried CW before: I won't ask my tankers to do things I won't/can't do).


I realize that I am a below-average tanker (you can check out my stats) and that I have little to no track record. I have a tier X tank that many callers would rate second to the T57 Heavy.


That said, would any clans be willing to take me in for a couple months or so and show me the ropes of Clam Warts? I don't want to let 4CE_1 down (I am a co-founder) by making critical mistakes before we even hit the battlefield. Being able to see CW prep/strats/tanks/other would greatly help.


I haven't made my mind up whether or not to do this but this thread is all about gauging interest. Any takers?


TL;DR: Looking for a clan to help teach me the basics of fighting on the global map (Clam Warts) so I can take those skills back to a clan I co-founded)


 Could anyone link the IOC clan wars video (the one with "Roger Roger", "Maintain Cover", and the like? Seems like a good example of what not to do :) )

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You aren't ready. That is not meant to be mean, just honesty.


The AMX 50B is a fine tank and gets used fairly often (especially after it was buffed). But why would you want to rush into CW when neither you as a player nor your clan is anywhere near ready?


Play a few hundred battles in tier X tanks, grind more lines, improve your winrate significantly over 50% (currently you seem to be dead weight in your high tier tanks - winrates of 45-46% are just bad). How do you think you could successfully call a CW battle when you can't even hold your own in a high tier random?


Solid CW training clans usually want at least an overall of 1300-1400 WN8/a recent of more than 1800 WN8; most clans looking for less are probably not worth joining in the first place.


If I were you, I would give my clan time to mature more. Play stronghold and teambattles, you might even wet your feet during the campaign but hold off on regular clanwars for now.


Again, please don't take offence because of my direct words. Best of luck! =D

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But why would you want to rush into CW when neither you as a player nor your clan is anywhere near ready?

While I am quite skeptical regarding Kewei's "sink or swim" method in randoms, I don't see any harm in trying to apply it in CWs. In my opinion the best way to become ready for CWs is to fight CWs. Give it a try, loose a couple of battles (you will loose them) and then decide, if your clan is up for such training path or is it affecting their morale too much.
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Great tool is skirmishes.


Plan to skirmish every day at x time.  Get people to show.  Get used to calling and adjusting.  

Lose.  A lot.  


Start to do better and be competitive.

Keep losing.  A little.


Get a core together who play well together.  Learn your heavy, medium, and artillery players.  

Get them to work together.

Encourage in clan platooning.



Fight clan wars and see the difference between CW and skirmishes.

Have clan wars be the same time you normally run skirmishes.

Land on multiple maps.

Refine your strats.


Adapt your strats to skirmishes.

Start to win.


There are 2 hurdles to being competitive in clan wars.  Player skill and caller skill.  A good caller can take greens and beat blues.  Blue players with a bad caller can lose to yellows.

As a caller, you have to know your people.  If your medium players are good, you can afford to send one to scout and expect him to win any one on one engagement.  If your medium players have ample opportunity to improve, you may have to send 2 in order to win that same engagement.  As long as the caller understands this, he can include it in the strategy and that's fine.

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