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My first tier X

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Hello Wotlabs community,


Time for some E-peen waving (is that the correct usage of the term?)


I just bought my first tier 10 tank today, the AMX 50B.


Things I like:


1) It has gun depression/elevation! (50 120 has +/-6, this has -8/+11)

2) Hull is bouncy! (People see French tank and shoot center mass but 170mm + weird slope = troll armor)

3) Dang it's fast! (actually feels French. 50 120 for me was sluggish until it got up to speed)

4) 2.5 sec aim time/2.5 sec inter-clip reload (down from 3/3.33 respectively)

5) It's my first tier X (has been over a year/6k battles in coming, thanks to grinding multiple French lines at once)

6) It is not the 50 120 (couldn't come to grips with the poor gun handling/gun elevation and depression combo)

7) Full clip Reload speed is about 5 secs faster than the 50 120 (had it down to around 32.78 secs on the 50 120, hear it can get to about 27.? once crew is 110-121%(BIA+ Vents+Commander bonus)

8 ) I have a 100% WR in it (won 1 CW battle on the test map(that should be tier 8 ), thanks for 100% tax WG)


Things I don't like:


1) Its expensive to run and I don't have a tier 8 prem (Welcome to tier X! Here is your repair bill!)

2) I suck@tonks, but that's why I am here at WoTlabs. Biggest drawback is my own skill level.


Any advanced tips or replays? It seems like a souped-up 50 120 but is there anything different about its playstyle?


Thank you for your help.

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I'm also learning it too. One thing it has on the T57. APCR > HEAT


And speed/mobility. And aimtime. 

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