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+4500WN8 | 68% batchat25t session | solo

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I did this 34 battle session couple of days ago, and it was really fun smile.png


had a good DPG and w/r 


Just wanted to share with the replays if anyone need it 


End of the session:





replays : 






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I really need to finish my French line... but I just absolutely cannot stand the 13 90. It's an epic tank, but scout MM kills it for me. I think I might finish it in Stronkholds.


Very nice string of games though. reminds me of when I was grinding the T54E1... I really miss that tank. :smallsmile:

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Thanks! I'm currently trying to get the second mark on my batchat (at 77% atm).

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Tnx for sharing. Watched the first ca 5 games. What strikes me most is that you have the patience needed for a bat-driver,
you never yolo-rage and keep your calm. Epic struggle with that blue T57 on swamps where you take it down in spite of
the 2 helpless E100's on your team
+1 and keep sharing files :thumbup:

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