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Add me on Steam and lets play some games!

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Wasssup ladies and gents,


So i recently bought some games and whatnot and realized i dont know any of the Labbers on steam so here you go,


My steam name is Triffels and the URL is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Triffels/


Ive got a bunch of games and to list a few:



Arma 3

Arma 2 Dayz



Garry's Mod




ive got some more but i dont really play them or theyre singleplayer.

Ive also got blizzard games like HS and WoW if youre interested i could send you my BNET tag.


Subsequently if you want to also have random people from wotlabs add you leave your steam in your post. 


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Is there anything even remotely interesting in Gmod these day?


I just... I cant do the stupid fucking RP shit...


Arent there ANY Fight/Build servers alive? Did they all REALLY go extinct?


I wanna make more Wiremod drones... :c

Trouble in Terrorist Town and Prop Hunt still alive and kicking. Also roleplay servers, FUCK THEM.

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TTT is just more RP, isnt it?


And Prop Hunt is so boring...

Not if you play as the biggest prop in the map. That's when things get interesting.

TTT.... there isn't police in it.

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skyf24 on steam. BL2, Space Engineers, ArmA2, CoH Eastern Front, WG airland battle and some others. If you wanna play, hit me up (still working on learning some of them, if you wanna help me in airland or teach me to fly better in ArmA im all ears) :)

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