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Mountain pass South spawn in a heavy

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I can't find a good way to play Mountain Pass from a south spawn in a heavy (basically the same applies to the medium). Pushing up the ice road is usually stopped dead in its tracks, unless the enemy team is extremely incapable. Trying to quickly rush J2-J3 results in taking multiple side shots from enemies camping on E3, and even if I make it, I often find myself alone there, as other team mates stop at G6. Afterwards I am quickly swarmed and killed.

Is it better to stay at G6 and try defending SW corner from there? I find that in this case enemy has an advantage of multiple fire lanes, advancing from J and K lines.

So, any suggestions how to handle this map from South spawn? From the North spawn attack through 1 line to H1 and then to J2 usually brings good results, but from the South I am completely lost.

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It depends on your heavy tank (Some are faster, some are not, the speed difference is hugely important. You won't get an E-100 across the gap, but the IS-8 will get there even with a bad spawn.


I find ice road occasionally viable based on team comp and enemy player skill (and the tank I'm driving), but I'll generally try to shoot past the gap unless I'm in a very slow heavy, and in the slow tanks you can go past it once your team has control of the mid area in most cases. But if nobody on your team is willing to go past it, you going alone is not going to stop the enemy team from crushing you, so you're probably best off holding back and making the best of a bad situation.

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As above said, it depends on speed:


Fast heavy, cross the gap and go j2 unless nobody defends bridge, then stay G6, and when nobody defends d8, stay in base near h9

Slow heavy, g6 or base, sometimes bridge push might work


going d8 to push the glacier is byitself a good tactic, but the risk lies in getting locked down by campers while your team on the rest of the map dies, if in platoon, you can split up, then sending 1 tank down is a good tactic (its the best way to prevent the shitty fast-cap crap)

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It depends. If you are in a slow heavy I would probably go to the bridge. A fast one should still be able to make it across the gap. Slower mediums can make it across the gap generally. Fast mediums especially with gun depression can run across the middle and have some fun on the far side of the bowl. I used to suggest trying to get fast mediums over to the southern area overlooking the bowl, but lately it no longer has decent shots across because of where people go and generally does not get the support it needs so that position tends to get run over by the enemy's main push and you lack the ability to shoot your way out of trouble or properly escape since you exits are in front of the enemy push or over into the bowl where you will quickly have a bad time and still no way out of trouble.

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I'm finding more and more that unless someone from south spawn yolos across the bowl, their vision advantage is too much to overcome. If no-one does this, too few tanks make it across the gap (on SEA server, the first one getting shot basically stops the rest in their tracks), and then those that do are isolated and killed, and that's decisive enough to snowball the rest.

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Always felt this map is one of the most unbalanced. South spawn basicaly cannot access the entire western part of the map without getting sideshotted getting there.


North gets:

-ezmode vision to the bowl + h5/h6 from E4

-great cover in J2 to assault from west  

-easy defense of the ice road from the hull down position in B6

Feels like the best way to play it for south spawn is to totally give up on the west and defend from G6 and possibly even H8's hill... while possibly pushing ice road... but that won't ever happen in pubs.

I just dread spawning south so much on this map :(


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