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Suggestions for WN9

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Some thoughts I've been throwing about lately:


1. Eliminate the problem of stat-padding in lower tiers and make the rating system only track Tier 8 and up. This includes win rating.


2. Give scouts some love and let spotting damage count just as much as damage dealt.


3. Win percentage should be some sort of coefficient to WN9, so a high damage loss counts less than an average damage win, but more than a low damage win. I'm no mathematician but the math labs guys might be able to figure something out.


This might help solve the some of the statpadding/sealclubbing/damage farming issues that are present in WN8.

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Your idea are super well informed and have never been discussed or explained before.


You are a snowflake. As a reward for your unique and insightful contributions to WN9 I am locking this thread, so that your suggestions can remain unsullied and venerated eternally,until the end of the internet. 

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