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to explain what this is


I decided I need to improve my level of play so I made a challenge for myself.


run as long as I can without toons/TC fgts


I did this for about 130 battles so far, and now I decided to start the replay analysis part, which I wanted to share with you since I think I'm special and all, also that maybe you can try it aswell.


I don't want to overdo this, so don't expect videos and shit.


There will be lots of bad play, get ready to rage, I'm doing this to git gud.


Guide on my Replay Analysis Folder:

-there is a text doc with same title as the replay, I write down where I think I went wrong/could improve

-15:00 is basically as every pubby stops eating cheetos and starts putting fingers on buttons, or right before the battle, I'll use this time to explain my initial deployment usually.

-10 replays per part (I'll be updating when I feel like)


Part 1 5/10 on the play rating



Probably the worst part of the Personal Challenge, I didn't sleep the previous night but it was already deep into the day so I decided I'll sleep at my normal hours.

-I need to deny bad engagements even if I think I can out yolo no-scope the enemy

-I need to stop camping corner 3line shooting hill on himmels


-I manage to take a lot of seriously shitty shots

-I need to watch some other medium replays on Siegfried

-this trash decided to insult me on the pershing battle where I managed to do like 8x the 2nd highest damage



Part 2 Soon 7.5/10 on play scale



Some good mixed in with getting one shotted by arty, it's better to not even watch the replays where I get one shotted by skilled individuals.

-I need to be able to run from positions, this is a major problem, I like sitting in one position too long, even though it won't be OP.

-I think I need some server reticule, or I need to aim in for a second after an E-100 fires instead of shooting tracks.


oh and for random replays I found funny or something while doing this








^The enemy stug at the very end got chased down by a reloading arty

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